Mobile App Development for Businesses of All Sizes

Mobile App Development for Businesses of All Sizes

If you look at the number of smartphones in the world—a whopping 1.5 billion—it is easy to see why most of the thought leaders are banking on mobility as the next big engine of growth. But the pace of change is so much that it has left businesses confused: Do we need a mobile strategy? And if yes, how do we go about it? The catch is that the mobile world thrives on social networks, user experience, and innovative ideas, and as such is elusive for those accustomed to the established ways of thinking. Affordable Mobile App Development Services in USA

Mobile App Development for Businesses of All Sizes
Mobile App Development for Businesses of All Sizes

Here are the top reasons why mobile app development makes sense for businesses of all sizes:

The new Internet:

Mobile is the new Internet. It’s so much easier to just tap open an app on the mobile than wait for the laptop to boot up. But there’s a catch: mobile users are following a different behavior pattern. They are not firing up the browser and searching like they do on the desktop/laptop. Instead, they want to know if there’s an app for that. Weight loss, motivational quotes, or dating, people are searching for apps and downloading them, pushing app store revenues into billions. This means if you provide a service—property search, restaurant search, meetup groups, yellow pages, whatever—you need to be there on the mobile.


Functionality is not the only reason you need to be on the mobile. It helps in branding as well. Consider this scenario: You are an electronics company known for your top-notch customer support. Now which is easier for the user: Calling up your customer support number and jumping through hoops, or just firing an app and pressing the “I need help” button which sends an automatic SMS and confirms a service call? Little things like this add to the user experience, helping you build loyalty around the brand.


Mobile apps offer an unlimited opportunity for growth. For those who play their cards right, earning millions within a month is not unheard of. Of course it’s easier said than done, but the point is that over time, these efforts add up and open an alternate revenue stream that you’d have missed out on otherwise. This can help #Startup: Mobile App Development Should Be One of your Top Priority and test new ideas, medium-sized businesses to consolidate their growth and go one-on-one with the customer, and large-sized businesses to optimize their operations and extend reach.

Disruptive marketing:

Perhaps the greatest potential mobile apps offer lies in disruptive marketing. Consider the location of user, for example, which was earlier not known to the businesses. Now imagine that you are a restaurant and happen to detect that it’s evening time and a former customer happens to be close by. You can send them a customized offer right there: “Step in right now for a 20% discount!” Think of how much this would mean for the customer; now only would you have made a sale, but also showed a customer that you genuinely care for them.

Mobile app development has so much potential that businesses are not able to fathom the full spectrum of possibilities. Don’t be one of those who are going to miss the bus. With Twistfuture Software Pvt Ltd, you have a chance to break into and dominate the app market, irrespective of the size of your business. We’ve made it happen for a number of companies, which reflects in our client testimonials. Get in touch today and transform your business!

Top Mobile App Development Company Twistfuture Offers Low-Cost App Solutions for Startups

Top Mobile App Development Company

The era of mobile apps is now. With over $39 Billion in revenue worldwide, it is no doubt that mobile apps are the next big step that could help grow your startup’s business. Why Mobile App Become Lifeline for a Business?

Top Mobile App Development Company
Top Mobile App Development Company

Choosing an mobile app development company can be daunting with so many options out there. Choosing someone who can conceptualize your idea and create your app is just one thing you should be looking for. A team that can give you great pricing with low cost growthhacking solutions as well as monetization options is truly someone who’d be able to visualize the full process and give you the best support. Here, we keep things simple and cater to each client, whether you’re a startup or a larger company, on an individual basis. 8 must ask questions before developing a mobile app

Outlining the Steps

It’s hard to find a low-cost app solution that still delivers you an Android or iOS app that tops professional standard. At Twistfuture Software Pvt Ltd., we make sure to approach each project as a collaborative process, working with you every step of the way. We have a dedicated team based out of the India who are ready to consult with you about your ideas, and make sure to deliver top quality mobile app development at a competitive cost.

There are several steps involved in the complete mobile app development process from inception to launch. To outline the basic idea of what app development involves, let’s break it down into three big steps:

1. Brainstorming

This is the initial stage of mobile app development, where you begin to conceptualize your idea and see how it will pan out. This first step is where you are able to visualize how your idea will manifest and see what need it addresses. It is probably after this stage where most people move on to really nit-picking the functionality of the app.

Conceptualizing the full details of your app can be difficult without having an outline. It is important to consider questions like these: when brainstorming. A good mobile app development company will address all of these questions and make sure they leave no leaf unturned when consulting with customers.

With this collaborative low-level analysis, a mobile app expert can help you refine the logic of how your app would function, outline the features involved, address the technology that would be involved to create the mobile app. Furthermore, at this stage, we can outline a budget and marketing strategy to give you a low-cost solution, which is great if you’re a startup.

2. Design

The first step of design is creating wireframes. Here you outline the different sections and pages involved. You begin to create a general outline of each page and summarize its functions.

Once your design, we can help you iron out the rough edges and create the best version of what you had in mind.

After your idea is good to go, the second phase of design begins. Since it is not enough information for a developer to create a fully functional app from just your wireframes, we must design the full app. This way the programmer knows exactly what to do when he receives your completed design.

The mock-ups are generally built from the foundation of your wireframes. We work closely with you to help you choose a theme, color scheme, icons, etc. so we can implement them into the development process.

This part of the design is crucial as it will define how the app looks and how your user will experience it. Our design team is constantly keeping up with trends to make sure all of our designs are professional and “in”.

Once the app is fully designed and looks good to go, it is time to build in the functionality compatible with iOS and/or Android technology.

3. Development

The steps taken to actually develop the full app are the final phase of the app development process before launch. Based on the mock-ups given to the developer by the design team, the app is built with the all of the capabilities described in the first two phases.

Good planning in the earlier phases of the process leads to a good app. We work closely with the developers to ensure all of our customers requirements and specifications are met. The development phase is also where the hardware and software integration necessary to make your app function are performed.

Once your app is ready to be tested, the development team and customers work back and forth to put together the polishing touches. Testing is extremely important, since it will be the final chance to make all the necessary changes before your app is launched.

Making sure to test for all bugs and glitches ensures that your app is greeted with a positive initial user experience.

Your App

For any startup – and any growing business – an online presence is a an absolute must for staying current and relevant. In order to make sure your app captures your ideas and needs, you need a mobile app development team you can trust and work with closely.

Twistfuture Software Pvt Ltd specializes in iPhone app development and Android app development. We build apps and websites from scratch and our dedicated development team has helped thousands of clients in creating excellent mobile and web assets to propel them forward.

Moreover, you need all of this at a low price. Have your startup team contact Twistfuture Software Pvt Ltd. today to speak to one of our experts about our low-cost mobile app development solutions. Contact us today and we will get back to you right away. We can also be reached via email at or over the phone at 011-41328844

Affordable Mobile App Development Services in USA

Affordable Mobile App Development Services in USA

With technology advancing by leaps and bounds, we can see that the use of smartphones, android mobiles has increased to an extent. Now- a- days, every business has its mobile app that a user can download and easily use it as this saves the time of typing any website in the URL address bar. Mobile apps have made it easy for users to go through anything just with the tip of a touch.

Affordable Mobile App Development Services in USA
Affordable Mobile App Development Services in USA

This spurt in the use of smartphone apps has in turn led to rise in demand for mobile app developers as well as Mobile app development companies. Even though, IT sector in India is at developing stage, the usage of these apps is at peak. Life without these apps is almost unpredictable. Like as foreign countries, Indian citizens are also addicted to these as most of the people belong to service class who don’t have sufficient time to do certain tiny tasks. These tasks are easily accomplished by using mobile apps.

With a single touch, one can get the address of nearest ATM Branch, Hospital, Restaurant and more. Ordering food items via Mobile apps and shopping online from the apps of various web stores saves a lot of time and energy. Mobile App Development, let’s have a look at current mobile technologies accessible in the IT industry.

The first and foremost technology is the idea of delivering business via mobile apps by developing various types of mobile compatible business applications. To develop a strong mobile app, it is necessary to utilize latest techniques and technologies.

There are two main ways of providing various business solutions over mobile: 1) Mobile Web 2) Mobile Apps.

1) Mobile Web:

As we are aware, even a normal cell-phone has an inbuilt WAP browser. Many mobile users have access to internet and the number is yet increasing. Moreover, the mobile web browser functionality has improved and if we think about network connectivity then very soon with the arrival of 4G services, this restriction will soon be removed.

To make a website clearly visible and easily readable on mobile, businesspeople prefer to get responsive websites developed from esteemed eCommerce Development Companies. Different website versions especially for mobile view are also created with less content and images.

2) Mobile Apps:

These are software solutions directly to be downloaded either from Google Play store or respective website link. Also, some of them are in –built according to the operating system. Mobile apps provide interactivity with the help of sensors like GPS. Currently, almost 90% of mobile apps market is covered by Google, Apple & RIM. The Windows Mobile System is replaced with Windows Phone 7 to make the operating system more user -friendly.

Mobile apps can be developed on various platforms such as Java, C and C++, as per the preference. Once the app is developed, the main task that consumes time is app testing. Many mobile app development firms grow their development resources by adjusting user interaction with different backend platform resources under any stage where the app acts effectively as an interface for Web application.

Looking deep into the world of mobile technologies, we can say that business can grow if it has a good feature enrich responsive easily downloadable business mobile app that can help people to get the tasks done on the go. Developing these apps is a work of an expert. So, it is highly advisable to either hire an expert Mobile App Developer or outsource the task to any reputed Mobile App Development Company such as Evince Development.

It’s never an end to a new thought. If you wish to let your customers carry your business on the go and are thinking to create a user friendly app, just get in touch with one of our developers, provide your needs and requirements and a Custom Mobile App will be ready to serve you with esteemed clients.