A Comprehensive Guide to Building and Launching an Android App


The art of creating a good application for different platforms lies in having a remarkable idea that will attract more and more users. At this point, downloading a new application on your phone is more about entertainment than any other reason. But at the same time, it is important that you understand the technical aspects of launching a new application. Following are some things which might help you in building and launching a successful application:

  1. Practicality of Ideas:

You have a great idea for an application, but the most important part is that you have to see the practicality of it as well. If you have several different ideas, it is best to consider the pros and cons of all. You can have on design that you want for your application easily as long as it is user-friendly and responsive. However, you have to make sure that your application is compatible with user interface in order to give users a good experience.

  1. Developing Android App:

The second thing you need to know is app development which is based on programming. If you don’t know programming you can make use of many different mobile app development companies. Your application will be certainly successful if you let professional developers handle the technical work which defines your Android application.

  1. Marketing Your Application:

The final step of launching your application is marketing it in order to spread the word and attract more and more users. It is important that you take proper steps which ensure that your application is doing well among users and the right kind of advertisement will take you a long way. If you don’t want to go through all of the hassle of coming up with unique ideas for marketing, you can sit back and let the experts do their job.

Twist Future is a place which is devoted to helping everyone who has a unique mobile application idea. If you are hovering within concepts that need to be executed, you can get a team of technical experts to help you out. This India-based mobile app development company will help you to launch your application on any of your chosen platform. Whether you want help with Android app development, Windows app development or an iPhone app development, their team will guide you and help you design an attractive application. Not just that, their services also include marketing and distribution of your application in order to help you make your way to the top through thousands of other applications.

Today, users appreciate ideas that are unique and stand out, but ideas show in your practical work. The more sleek and professional the design looks, the more you will have the opportunity to attract users. Twist Future has created a number of different applications for Windows, Androids and iPhones which have all made remarkable success in the application stores. You can rest assured that this mobile app development company will satisfy all your needs and give you the application that you have been dreaming of.


Tips to follow while hiring an application development company


In the modern world, a tiny sleek smart phone has changed your life. But is it really because of the solid piece of casing and chips? The actual revolution is brought by the applications running within the smartphones. Now-a-days these apps have become a large source of communication, entertainment and business alike. Nearly every big business/brand has a personal mobile application as a way of modernization and for customer satisfaction.

But whenever a company decides to patent its own app, it has to hire an application development company to help out. If you are looking to do just that, then hang around and take a look at a few tips which will help you choose a good application development company.

  • Decide what you want in your application

What you want in your mobile application basically consists of the features of the app and what it will be able to deliver. This is simply the foremost idea you need to have since this is what you will present to the application development company to let them know what you want done and in what way you want it to be presented. This will also make it easier to choose the application development company as you’ll know which company will be able to get the job done in the best possible way.

  • Check the previous rating of a particular company

A good application development company couldn’t have ever reached that standard if they don’t have a history of producing great applications. Always check previous ratings for better insight on what a company can deliver. Also check how their previous apps are working and ask previous customers about their service.

  • Check whether the company is multi-developer company or not?

By multi-developer company we mean a company who can develop applications over different platforms. These include Android, IOS and Windows. The best way to make your mobile app successful is that you should make sure it goes universal so that it can be used in any smart phone out there.

  • Always check out the portfolio of a particular company

You should always check out the portfolio of a particular app development company, by this you will get to know that whether the company develops the type of application you want them to develop and how much they are experienced in developing such applications.

  • Check out whether the company is authentic or not?

Once the above is done, this is a factor you should completely focus on to determine the company’s authenticity. Always go to a company who has legal rights of developing a mobile application. That company should have a legal license for this job so that you don’t have any problems with your app regarding legal issues.

  • Pricing Factor

This is also one of the most important factors to take into account. It is obvious that if you have a small business you don’t want to spend a lot in development of its mobile app. So decide your budget first and then look for the application development company accordingly. There are companies which are offering different packages to develop an application, these packages vary depending on the features in the apps; the more you add features in your app the more they cost.

I can guarantee a successful application venture if you make sure you follow the above tips while choosing an application development company.

Twistfuture Mobile application Development Company in India, We develop and design native mobile application for education, social networking, eCommerce solutions and other business requirements.

Tips on How to Become a Successful Android App Developer


When it comes to mobile devices sold all over the world, Androids take up a large share of the pie. This reflects how popular Android OS is among people and makes Android app development a fruitful market. There are many professionals trying to come up with great ideas and create great apps, but not all of them actually pull this through. So what does it take for you to become a successful Android app developer?

What You Need for Becoming an Android App Developer

First of all, you need to be passionate about this field of expertise. This means that you have to use your Android phone daily and check out the newest apps and games. These are all sources of information, knowledge and eventually inspiration for you. If you are not keen on using your phone and trying out apps, perhaps you should consider a different career in web development. You should also know that iPhone app development is quite different and so you ought to focus on Android devices, for better results.

Of course, you must also gain specialized knowledge for working in a mobile app development company or creating one yourself. You should learn Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Android Studio, Java and SQL, XML and other programming languages if you do not know them by now. The Internet is a great place to start since all knowledge is gathered online. There are also groups and forums you can join, in order to discuss with others about these things. Communities can be really helpful and especially when you want to ask something and get an accurate answer without delay.

If you want to engage in Windows app development too, or you wish to avoid use an Android for testing your app, there are great emulators you can use. So feel free to experiment with Android emulators, for more convenient testing of the apps. Later on, you will need to display the apps that you have created somewhere. An option is to create a website and demonstrate your apps there. Alternatively, you can use social media and particularly LinkedIn.

Apart from everything else, there are some qualities you cannot do without in Android app development. Patience is the key to success because without it you cannot expect to get the desired results. You ought to be thorough and test everything so that you are certain you have not missed out on anything. Persisting in your goal is another quality that will offer you the chance to succeed in this field. Being able to join a team of developers and working as part of a group will also provide great benefits. Even if you do not realize it, being part of a team can be a true blessing in app development. Joined forces are usually more productive than single efforts.

Becoming an Android app developer takes time, devotion and hard work. If you love what you do, though, you will be well compensated and excited to continue on trying harder!

Why should you upgrade to Android Marshmallow?


We live in a world of smart technology and gadgets. All spheres of life have become dependent on technology and it’s almost impossible to imagine day to day life without using our phones, laptops and other gadgets that make life simpler. Be it for connectivity, planning or basic organizational activities, one cannot deny the ease and convenience these gadgets have bought into our life. All smart gadgets, come up with app developments from time to time. These are especially developed to add to the user experience and bring in a host of advantages and benefits for its users. Be it a mobile development company, a windows app development, android or iPhone app development, the basic foundation of all of these is upon heightening the user’s experience. One such revolutionary android app development comes in the form of Android Marshmallow. For all the android users, if you haven’t upgraded yourself to the Android Marshmallow here’s why you should do it immediately-

Why should you upgrade to Android Marshmallow?

  • USB Type-C: This is a revolution when it comes to connections!
  • Better Storage: Unlike earlier all your added storage will now be used as a part of the phone and not as a separate entity.
  • Android Pay: you can now store your card information in a secure manner and use it for all your online payments.
  • UI Tuner: No need to see what you don’t want to, you can now choose what information is to be displayed on your system tray.
  • Copy Paste: The very important and overly used task of copy pasting items gets better and improved.
  • Enhanced browsing experience: with the facility of creating custom tabs you can store passwords and enhance your browsing experience.
  • Lockscreen Message: You can now personalize your phone by adding personalized messages to the lockscreen; you could add quotes, reminders, anything!
  • Better Managed Storage: Managing your ever increasing need for storage becomes better and much easier with the Android marshmallow.
  • Better App Experience: the app experience becomes faster, convenient and much smoother with this upgrade.
  • Fingerprint protected: not just your phone, you can now make even your apps fingerprint sensitive. Talk about better privacy!

Well, if this is not enough reason to upgrade to the Android Marshmallow, there are actually some more features that come with it! it’s a whole new world of Android app development that makes your user experience so much better! Get to it today!

Mobile App Trends that are About to Dominate the Market in 2016


People are always on their phones; it is how communication is done nowadays. Because of this, android app development, iPhone app development, and Windows app development companies need to be able to keep up. If you are a Mobile app development company look for new mobile app trends that are about to make it really big, then you’re going to need to do your research so you don’t get left behind in 2016.

  1. Mobile Video

You surely already know how much mobile video has taken off. People love the convenience of being able to watch things from their phones and if you’re smart, you can use this to your advantage. People are constantly on their phones, always more willing to watch a short video rather than read about something. If you put out mobile video marketing, you’ll have a lot more success rather than using other types of marketing.

  1. Say Goodbye to Novelty Apps

When apps first came out, people were all about using crazy apps. Now, they’d rather see apps that can benefit their daily lives or provide a good source of entertainment. If you create an app that is actually useful, people will like it. Try combining more than one thing in your app. For instance, rather than having an app as a calendar, an app for the weather, and an app for to-do lists, an app that is all inclusive is a much better choice for many people and they’ll choose the inclusive app over having three apps. People appreciate convenience.

  1. Location-Based Marketing Moves

Many marketing companies are already using location-based marketing, and they’re definitely finding it to be beneficial. For instance, someone is out on the weekend visiting their friend, they take a trip downtown and a travel app sends them a list of some fantastic weekend deals going on in the area they visited. All you have to do is check the phone, see what restaurants are around, how they’re rated, the specials going on, and you’ve found your food destination. This type of marketing allows the company to be more interactive with the people who use the apps.

As a Mobile app development company, no matter whether you perform android app development, iPhone app development, or Windows app development, you can definitely benefit from finding out the trends that are about to take 2016 by storm. Keeping up with ever-changing technology may be difficult but it is definitely worth the work.