Mobile App Trends that are About to Dominate the Market in 2016


People are always on their phones; it is how communication is done nowadays. Because of this, android app development, iPhone app development, and Windows app development companies need to be able to keep up. If you are a Mobile app development company look for new mobile app trends that are about to make it really big, then you’re going to need to do your research so you don’t get left behind in 2016.

  1. Mobile Video

You surely already know how much mobile video has taken off. People love the convenience of being able to watch things from their phones and if you’re smart, you can use this to your advantage. People are constantly on their phones, always more willing to watch a short video rather than read about something. If you put out mobile video marketing, you’ll have a lot more success rather than using other types of marketing.

  1. Say Goodbye to Novelty Apps

When apps first came out, people were all about using crazy apps. Now, they’d rather see apps that can benefit their daily lives or provide a good source of entertainment. If you create an app that is actually useful, people will like it. Try combining more than one thing in your app. For instance, rather than having an app as a calendar, an app for the weather, and an app for to-do lists, an app that is all inclusive is a much better choice for many people and they’ll choose the inclusive app over having three apps. People appreciate convenience.

  1. Location-Based Marketing Moves

Many marketing companies are already using location-based marketing, and they’re definitely finding it to be beneficial. For instance, someone is out on the weekend visiting their friend, they take a trip downtown and a travel app sends them a list of some fantastic weekend deals going on in the area they visited. All you have to do is check the phone, see what restaurants are around, how they’re rated, the specials going on, and you’ve found your food destination. This type of marketing allows the company to be more interactive with the people who use the apps.

As a Mobile app development company, no matter whether you perform android app development, iPhone app development, or Windows app development, you can definitely benefit from finding out the trends that are about to take 2016 by storm. Keeping up with ever-changing technology may be difficult but it is definitely worth the work.

How to Find a Trusted Company to Outsourcing Mobile App Development

How to Find a Trusted Company to Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is getting quite popular today. This is certainly not a surprise for those who are following the latest trends because they know that the number of mobile device users is growing rapidly. According to some sources there are nearly two billion users of mobile devices and the number of people who own a mobile device is greater than the ones that own desktop computer. In other words, the future belongs to mobile devices and mobile apps that actually allow us to use the features of these devices. So, it is no wonder why so many people and companies are looking to outsource mobile app development. This practice can save them a lot of time and money. However, if you want to get the best effects of outsourcing then you must rely on the right provider. There are many mobile app development companies offering their service on the market and while some of them are good others are not quite good. Now let’s see what we can do to find a trusted company for outsourcing mobile app development.

Opt for a deal free of risks

If you have decided to outsource the development of certain mobile app, be it a simple mobile app like a game or more sophisticated app with in-app purchases, you have to be sure that your investment is secure. Don’t make the same mistake like others and don’t choose the first company you encounter. Also don’t choose the services of some provider only because they are cheapest. Choose a company that is prepared to sign a contract or agreement stand behind the mobile app they are going to develop with a warranty. It would be best to find a company that will not only refund your investment in case something goes wrong with the app, but a company that will compensate the potential profit.

Choose a development service provider that works with the most popular OS

Android OS and iOS are by far the two most popular operating systems in the world. The majority of companies interested in outsourcing mobile app development are creating apps for these two OS at once. So, if you are interested in some development company’s service, make sure that they provide both iOS app development and android app development.

Stick to Professionals

Mobile app development projects can be crucial for your company, so they should not be left to amateurs who claim to be professionals and experts. You must look for true professionals. It is not an easy process to find outsourcing companies for this purpose that have expert staff. In order to learn more about them, you must check their background. Visit their official website, look for comments on forums and discussions boards about their work and read the reviews and testimonials found on the Internet. It is also a good idea to ask for examples from their previous work.

We hope that these tips will help you find what you are looking for.

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Key Benefits of Android App That Get More Easy Your Business

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Technology is continuously moving and it touches all aspects of our lives. Every year, we see more and more advancement, that only existed in sci-fi became reality.

Consistently developments occur and the most historic enlightening contraptions are incorporated in Android Applications day by day. The mobile app development is turning into the overwhelming means for communicating with individuals, places and above all, the web.


The demand or need for access to business data and applications through mobile app, for example, the iPhone app development, gadgets running Google Android and Windows app development is surging as customer inclinations. Because of massive adoption of these advances far and wide, numerous business managers are thinking about how would they help the business client some assistance with being more profitable. Following are the some Android applications that will help your business get more refined, spare time and stay sorted out.

A Google application that accompanies the gadget, Google Docs, permits employees to do their work on the cloud, it saves the work on remote servers. Distributed computing with Google Docs permits you to compose reports, alter spreadsheets, and make power point presentations all on your cell phone. You can likewise alter a document on the PC, and then can re-alter it on the mobile phone later, without missing a stage.

One of the dream android apps for business is expensive, makes the cost report process simpler to oversee by importing your receipts specifically from your credit card and transforming them into simple to-send PDF reports. The Android app makes it easy to include money expenses, transfer pictures of your receipts and log mileage.

For those people who are busy, and have many things to do, are going to require a task manager. This free, straightforward task manger act as a supervisor, that permits you to upload tasks, and additionally verifies them as you finish them.

QuickBooks app helps you with tracking and managing your finance by using strong accounting tools. The Android application offers you assistance with tracking sales, convey receipts, manage inventory, and payroll when you’re far from the workplace. A QuickBooks membership is required, however a free 30-day trial is accessible.

An awesome application for the business traveler is ALOQA. It utilizes GPS to discover your area and after that gives you information on anything you might require in your region. Whatever you might need to discover in the city, you can with complete maps, websites, telephone numbers and reviews as well.

The PWN document scanner is a powerful android feature that allows you to scan any photograph or document with your cell phone’s camera, transfer it to a PDF document and email it to anyone. You can also upload it to google docs for storing and sharing purposes. So if you are in a meeting and need a copy of a document that another person conveyed to the table this app will definitely help you.

In today’s business, it’s crucial to have access to business records and usefulness whenever, anyplace. Mobile App development has opened another universe of accessibility and adaptability for everyday business clients.

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Effective iPhone and Android App Development Company

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More businesses today are seeking out a credible mobile app development company to assist them with their marketing and customer outreach programs. This is because there has been increasing favorable response to these branded mobile applications, with many surveys indicating that overall purchase intent and sentiment increase when the consumer users a brand’s app. Obviously, the best way of seeing these benefits and achieving your targeted results is to undertake proper android or iPhone app development. Here are a few tips to get you started.

First impression matters – A huge factor of enhancing engagement that is often overlooked by many inexperienced developers is the important first-use response. A well-designed app with tasteful placeholders, instructions, and other key features to assist people get started quickly makes an excellent first impression. Each element of the android, iPhone or mobile games development should be carefully designed to ensure a first-time user will not have any problems using the app. Adding tutorials to your app is also a good practice that a good mobile app development company will likely recommend.

Integrate social networking into the app – Effective android and iPhone app development requires that parts of the content in the app be easily shareable on social media. This allows users to contribute and add their perspective to the mobile app, thus creating a kind of mobile community. In effect, the app becomes more interesting, and you are able to keep people coming back.

Push notifications are crucial – For effective engagement, push notifications must be included during android app development. These notifications can include video, text, pictures or even external links, which redirect to a special landing page depending on consumer segmentation. At Twist Future mobile app Development Company, we also advise clients use push notifications for reminding users to interact with their apps after a certain period of time.

Enhance real-time user experience – Take advantage of effective android app development to enhance user experience of your customers in real time. One idea that retailers can use is by enabling customers to get detailed information about the product once they scan the codes on the packaging or product labels. Moreover, you can also opt for product reviews and price comparisons in your iPhone app development as a way of providing more value to your clients.

Finally, Twist Future mobile app development company recommends offering your app users some real-world gifts and rewards, Think of a system where users earn points if they shop through your app are play your mobile games. Providing these real world gifts is a smart method that a business can use to enhance user engagement. These are only a few of the many ways to ensure your iPhone, android or mobile games development is successful. Check out for more information.

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5 Most Important Features for Your Mobile App

5 Most Important Features for Your Mobile App

A successful mobile app is made out of not one but many components that adds up to its greatness and exquisiteness. When it comes to delivering a robust app, we usually tend to focus more on critical issues like functionality, analytics, security and more. However, it simply doesn’t permit us to overlook other small things that might look trivial at a glance but can actually make a great difference to how an app really works well for the users.

5 Most Important Features for Your Mobile App
5 Most Important Features for Your Mobile App

Today, we shall focus on those aspects of an application that can help your app connect to its users in a much refined manner:

1. Responsive Design

Rewarding your users with a great responsive design is the key to win their hearts. Responsive apps tend to adjust their layout dynamically according to the screen dimensions of the respective device they are running on. Keep in mind that a wise way to build responsive app is to count on a development platform that serves you with an automatically responsive user interface model and thereby generates an optimized experience on each device from a single code base. For that matter, you can choose the best mobile app development company that are well-versed with responsive development tools.

2. Working Offline

It is all about including features that can be used without a wireless signal. This is of much help for users who tend to have a weak signal yet manage to get something out of the app at that time. Remember, that you are not being asked to provide full-fledged features, but providing partial features will also do, as in such times the user will remember only those apps that can serve something instead of nothing. Also, it is critical to understand that mobile apps that absolutely can’t work in offline mode supposedly waste the value of mobility.

3. Feedback System

You simply cannot miss out on this one. Providing user feedback is not just essential but mandatory for that matter. If you are giving your users a platform to engage with, then they surely deserve an opportunity to speak their mind and convey their unbiased opinion of your app. Make the process as quick and easy as possible for the users. Take it as you have got another source to identify problems and work around to make your app even better.

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4. Customization

When you think of offering customization to your users, the very first things to hit your mind are giving options to select a skin or for that matter allowing them to reorganize the app’s menu. Giving users the flexibility to adapt the app in their own way creates a sense of belongingness. Offering customization also opens doors for serving unique features of each device type.

5. Speed

Why to lose them when they are already there? An app that’s slow to load is sure to disappoint the users big time rather than retaining them. Speed is a part of providing a streamlined app that’s easy to use and easy to load. Making them wait for even few more seconds leads them to frustration and thereby they are forced to abandon your app. Hence, make sure that you consider the speed factor along with these above mentioned features.

Closing Lines

Not many but most of the times these factors are overlooked in the quest for an ideal app. Integrating these 5 features will largely help you in retaining your users and stop them from abandoning your app. For that matter, the best way is to hire a skilled mobile app development company that makes sure your app is stuffed with all the required aspects.

How to Market and Promote Your iPhone Apps?

How to Market and Promote Your iPhone Apps?

Considering different phases of mobile app development, promotion and marketing before and after launching the app is pointed out to be most important to reach out to the public. Uploading the app without any marketing and waiting for reviews from the public is not possible as if they don’t get to know the app how they can download it!

How to Market and Promote Your iPhone Apps?
How to Market and Promote Your iPhone Apps?

iPhone app development companies need to be pin-pointed with their marketing strategy because iPhone is emerging to be one of the most efficient gadget to use mobile apps. These strategies become helpful in mitigating the risk of app failure on Apple store. Special reviews of app from iPhone app sites can give stabilized set of downloads within few months or weeks of launching.

Here are simple ways to promote your iPhone apps and penetrate Apple market on app store:

Social Media And Branding Promotion

The most prominent way to get in touch with most number of mobile app users is by the means of social networking sites and groups. Promotions through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other internet resources help you to get amongst the people. This publicity grows network and maximize downloads of your apps in a considerable way. Also website banners on internet or creating a dignified website for your app creates hype in the market about your app. The efforts prove worthy because the traffic on these social sites is highest as compared to any other promotional idea can work.

Cross App Promotions

If you are launching simultaneous apps under the category of iPhone apps development or you can get other iPhone App Development Company to tie up with and promote your app within their app. Also the website for other apps can be a useful resource to promote app via internet. These cross app promotions give benefits to the parties by stretching wings of the app to most number of people in the market. iOS 8 has been a sustainable revolution the Apple market. So iPad and iPhone apps are becoming compatible due to sublime efforts by iPhone app developers. This helps to advertise a single app for multi-platform use. How to Promote Your Mobile App Using Video

App Store Optimization

Apple store is highly reputed platform to search any app for iPhone or iPad. Setting peculiar keyword for your apps can help your app get optimized on app store and as a result become popular through search. Different companies offer variable packages to perform this ASO and get your app on the top of the App store. The process is slow and can take months but will definitely provide fruitful results.

Other effective ways to promote your iPhone apps can be through offline media promotion, press releases and considering the nature of the app get the people to groove with your app.

How to Get Funding to Build Your Mobile App?

How to Get Funding to Build Your Mobile App?

How good are you as an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs aren’t only known by their ideas but by their organizational abilities as well. You may have a unique and brilliant idea for a new mobile app is just what you need. Yet, you can fail to find a potential investor to kick your app idea in reality. When it comes to app start-ups, many billion-dollars app ideas have initially suffered and sometimes failed. You need to know how to plan it right and learn how to get funding to build your mobile app for business.

How to Get Funding to Build Your Mobile App?
How to Get Funding to Build Your Mobile App?

Here are some paths mapped out for you to find success with your app:-


Self-funding is good for people who are wealthy enough to afford it. Alternately, you can ask others to take the risk if they are willing to do it.

a. Make it cheap –

It helps to build a cheap prototype with only the essential functions which will help you test and prove your amazing idea to the world.

b. Find a co-founder –

You can consider striking a partnership with a co-founder who would willingly share the cost with you along with the risks to be taken. It also guarantees that at least 1 more person believes in your app.

c. Family and Friends –

Ask your loved ones to each pool in a bit of money and help you build fund the prototype. Be clear with them about the risks you are about to take.


If you are an individual who possesses the technical skills to build the app’s prototype then that would be the best option for you. Knowing the basics is more than enough to get the basic draft right.

Consider A Co-founder Now!
Look to form partnerships and form new ventures. Focus on getting new clients to expand business and having a higher engagement rate. Getting a co-founder can help, and can help you cover more strategic aspects of your business – choose someone who will contribute to the cause.

Try out the Options
Another added benefit of a co-founder with technical skills would be that you can build more than one prototype and experiment with it in case the initial ones do not appeal to the users. You can analyze the app, do away with what’s not being liked and come up with the best possible apps at the end. Why Mobile App Become Lifeline for a Business?

Take the risk if you believe in it
However, one can never tell whether all the money and effort that he is putting in the app will result in a waste or make him an ‘overnight’ star like Ben Silbermann who created Pinterest. You need to believe in your idea and keep trying if you truly believe that it’s worth it.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Most Mobile Apps Fail?

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Mobile Apps Fail?

Market of mobile app is running thick and fast. Many mobile apps are launched day-to-day but all these apps do don’t get success in the market. WHY? Building a mobile app is not just sufficient for the company. They must try to build a business in the market.

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Mobile Apps Fail?
Top 3 Reasons Why Most Mobile Apps Fail?

Let’s find out the top 3 reasons why most mobile apps fail:

1. Target Audience – “Adapting From The Influencers”

Firstly, the target audience of the mobile app has to be fixed. Promotional strategies are not pre-defined so as to get the app run longer. Moreover, mobile market research of previous apps is not done to examine the significance of own product. Keeping it simple and straightforward is another task that most mobile app developer does not follow. With the intent of making a hi-fi app, mobile app development for businesses of all sizes deliver such complicated product that it seems a burden to the user. Trying to inculcate everything in a small package of app towards other apps because same featured app are available in plenty.

2. Features – “At The Cost Of Actual Usability”

Shorter battery life, graphics and visual effects that are not appealing, high storage space in mobile are some of the other reasons which lead to mobile application failure. Mobile app developer needs to think as a user before developing the app and understand demand of the user. Adapting the new things may not be easy for the user so by studying the competition in the market, try to give them something that may have edge over the others. Stick to only one concept for which the app has been developed. Irrelevancy of the app ruins the sustainable development of the app in the market after its publishing. Why Mobile App Become Lifeline for a Business?

3. Marketing – “Strength Can Turn Into Weakness”

Marketing is another most important aspect that most mobile app development companies fail to do. Mobile marketing is a crucial in this vast ocean of app world. When you have worked months over to some design, formatting, UI and other aspects of the app, then why to shadow the marketing part of it? Give one prominent reason to the user to enhance the utility of mobile app and market accordingly. The best way to achieve this is by offering them free app or making them one time pay. Regardless of the fact that mobile app developer gives classy features and marvelous display, if the product is not marketed properly it will surely fail.

Mobile App Development Company thus needs to ensure that developing an app as well as framing its future resides in their hands. So better to keep an eye on ever-changing market and let the user distinguish yourself from others.

Choosing The Right App Name - The Must Knows

Choosing The Right App Name – The Must Knows

What’s in a name?

While true in Shakespearen times, the great author may not have told the same today. The saying, at least when it comes to the web world, doesn’t hold relevance. Names need to be relevant and something that audience needs- users get to access and experience the apps only when they can find them through their name.

Choosing The Right App Name - The Must Knows
Choosing The Right App Name – The Must Knows

Your app’s name is what your ASO or App store optimization starts with just as a page title holds importance in website SEO. App names can be quite tricky and help you get more downloads than ever. How to Promote Your Mobile App Using Video

Follow these tips when naming your app for more downloads:

1. Choose an unique app name

Never choose the app’s display name similar to other apps as you want your app to stand out from the crowd and not get confused instead! Similar names can make users download the wrong app altogether. Use the names of unique features in the app name to make it stand out from others.

2. Concentrate on the brand name

Use your company’s name or brand name in the first few characters of your app name, preferably in the first 25 characters. This is because it doesn’t just help you build up your brand credibility but also users conducting a search can see these many characters of an app name on the search page.

3. Keywords are essential

Keywords can prove to be of great use when users search for a specified type of app rather than a specified brand and it is these keywords that will help them find YOU!

  • Make a list of apps in your category
  • Consider the keywords used in their names
  • Choose the relevant keywords often searched for by users
  • Select 2 – 3 keywords and focus on them

4. Shorten the app name

Avoid using all the 225 characters that you have to work with and try to stay well within the full character count limit with short app names. There is no specified answer as to how many characters would be ideal and you must take into consideration your category to get the length right as it plays a vital role in the same.

5. Prioritize initial characters

As discussed before, the first 25 characters show up on the search results page in the app store search. Use the most descriptive words here to get more downloads. Use words related to your brand name and category to allow users to find your app easily.

6. Test the app name

After the keywords are chosen, create variations of the same before submitting them for the final approval to Apple. Around nine days are needed to get the app re-approved on Apple in case the previous one fails. That’s why it is best to test your app name before-hand only. Use tools such as Pickfu or UsabilityHub’s Five Second Test to check what reaction users have to your app name before submitting it finally.

We, at Twistfuture Software Pvt Ltd, are involved in mobile app development company since the time of the concept’s birth. We know what it takes to create apps that meet the unique needs of businesses. If you are confused about the kind of app that will suit you, contact us and we would be happy to connect with you and offer expert advice. Our endeavor is to allow all businesses to be able to make an educated decision about mobile app development for their business.

Mobile App Development for Businesses of All Sizes

Mobile App Development for Businesses of All Sizes

If you look at the number of smartphones in the world—a whopping 1.5 billion—it is easy to see why most of the thought leaders are banking on mobility as the next big engine of growth. But the pace of change is so much that it has left businesses confused: Do we need a mobile strategy? And if yes, how do we go about it? The catch is that the mobile world thrives on social networks, user experience, and innovative ideas, and as such is elusive for those accustomed to the established ways of thinking. Affordable Mobile App Development Services in USA

Mobile App Development for Businesses of All Sizes
Mobile App Development for Businesses of All Sizes

Here are the top reasons why mobile app development makes sense for businesses of all sizes:

The new Internet:

Mobile is the new Internet. It’s so much easier to just tap open an app on the mobile than wait for the laptop to boot up. But there’s a catch: mobile users are following a different behavior pattern. They are not firing up the browser and searching like they do on the desktop/laptop. Instead, they want to know if there’s an app for that. Weight loss, motivational quotes, or dating, people are searching for apps and downloading them, pushing app store revenues into billions. This means if you provide a service—property search, restaurant search, meetup groups, yellow pages, whatever—you need to be there on the mobile.


Functionality is not the only reason you need to be on the mobile. It helps in branding as well. Consider this scenario: You are an electronics company known for your top-notch customer support. Now which is easier for the user: Calling up your customer support number and jumping through hoops, or just firing an app and pressing the “I need help” button which sends an automatic SMS and confirms a service call? Little things like this add to the user experience, helping you build loyalty around the brand.


Mobile apps offer an unlimited opportunity for growth. For those who play their cards right, earning millions within a month is not unheard of. Of course it’s easier said than done, but the point is that over time, these efforts add up and open an alternate revenue stream that you’d have missed out on otherwise. This can help #Startup: Mobile App Development Should Be One of your Top Priority and test new ideas, medium-sized businesses to consolidate their growth and go one-on-one with the customer, and large-sized businesses to optimize their operations and extend reach.

Disruptive marketing:

Perhaps the greatest potential mobile apps offer lies in disruptive marketing. Consider the location of user, for example, which was earlier not known to the businesses. Now imagine that you are a restaurant and happen to detect that it’s evening time and a former customer happens to be close by. You can send them a customized offer right there: “Step in right now for a 20% discount!” Think of how much this would mean for the customer; now only would you have made a sale, but also showed a customer that you genuinely care for them.

Mobile app development has so much potential that businesses are not able to fathom the full spectrum of possibilities. Don’t be one of those who are going to miss the bus. With Twistfuture Software Pvt Ltd, you have a chance to break into and dominate the app market, irrespective of the size of your business. We’ve made it happen for a number of companies, which reflects in our client testimonials. Get in touch today and transform your business!