Most Famous Online Casino Games

most famous casino games

With the convenience of playing at home, online casino games are becoming more popular every day. Check out the most popular casino games online.


Blackjack is a card game played between a player and dealer. The goal of the game is to win money (real or otherwise) by forming a card total that is higher than the dealer’s hands but not more than twenty-one. Also known as Twenty-one, the game has many variations which include Blackjack switch, pontoon and multi-deck versions of the game. The game is fairly easy which makes it one of the most popular online casino games in the world.


Roulette is probably the easiest online casino game to learn. The goal of the game is to rightly bet where the ball will fall in the wheel when the player presses the spin/deal button. The rules of the game and total numbers on the wheels can vary across the casinos.


Poker is one of the most well-known casino game on this planet. So much so that terms like ‘poker face’ has entered our common vocabulary. The game is not purely based on chance as it involves taking calculated risks, strategy and skill. The game revolves around the combination of player’s cards and betting for either positive outcome or for bluffing to manipulate other players to ‘fold’. Online Poker is different from its brick and mortar cousin as players do not directly face each other (Poker face can’t help you) so players require separate strategies to win the game.


Slots top the charts when it comes to the most popular online casino game. The game is simple. The player pushes a button to spin the five reels with images or symbols and the winning combination of symbols awards players with credits or cash. Slots is purely a game of chance but easy and fun to play.


Bingo is a simple game of chance. Players have virtual cards with numbers printed in different arrangements. A random number generator calls out the numbers and the first player who finds the selected numbers arranged in a row or any other designated pattern wins the game. The convenience of playing the game online has made it more popular than offline bingo. In recent years, mobile bingos have also caught the eyes of many gamblers. Many Online bingo games imitate the social aspect of the game through chat rooms which make playing bingo only more fun!


Keno is a popular lottery game with simple basic rules. The player has to pick number(s) or ‘spots’ hoping it will match the numbers drawn by the online casino through Random Number Generator. Players get prizes depending on the numbers matched and how many numbers were selected by the player before numbers were called out.


Craps is a dice game where players bet on the outcome of dice rolls. Depending on the variations of the game, players can wager against each other or the ‘bank’. The one who rolls the dice or the ‘shooter’ wins the bet if he gets a 7 or an 11 on the first roll. Shooter loses the money if 2, 3 or 12 turns up on the first roll. Rest of the numbers turn into ‘point’ for the shooter. Depending on the belief whether the shooter will gain a point or not, players can either bet on PASS LINE or DON’T PASS.


Baccarat is a card game similar to blackjack and is played between a player and a ‘banker’. American Baccarat and Chemmy are the most well-known variations of the game (latter was James Bond’s favorite). The game is played with either six or eight decks of cards. Depending on the variation of the game you are playing, baccarat can be a pure game of chance or can involve some skill as in the case of Chemmy.

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The Rising Popularity of Real Money Games

The Rising Popularity of Real Money Games

Real money games are online games dominated mostly by casino games like Blackjack and Roulette, where users deposit real money for playing or gambling to win extra cash. According to a report released by Technavio, a Market research company, online gambling industry is expected to grow by over 9 percent between 2016 and 2020.  There are a variety of reasons behind the rising popularity of Real money casino games.

Convenience of Internet

The convenience of playing casino game online at home has been a major factor that is fueling the popularity of real money casino games. No waiting, no crowds, playing casino games in the safety of home is far less intimidating for many. And now, smartphones have made real money casino games more accessible than before. Many casinos websites are mobile-friendly and have their native mobile apps available on app stores. Travelling or waiting in a queue, these games are just a touch away.

No-Deposit Bonuses

Earlier, fear of losing money or not being well-versed with a game were the barriers that restricted people from participating in offline gambling but that has certainly changed with online real money games. Many casinos offer free credit or bonuses to attract first-time players. This makes players more willing to take risks by playing casino games and gives the opportunity to familiarize themselves with such games. Bonuses and promotional offers have become an effective marketing tool for online casinos for customer acquisition and more and more users are only eager to take the bait.

Better User Experience

Who can resist the thrill of gambling complemented with superior user experience? Graphics and special effects in online games have seen steady improvement over the years and that’s true for real money games too. UX is set for more improvement for next couple of years.


Real money gaming fills the void of thrill and excitement for players. Internet and smartphones have just made these games more accessible for masses and hence, the explosive growth in this industry. Twistfuture is a real money casino game developmentcompany with an extensive portfolio of casino games. Contact us to know more about our services.

Golden Rules of Android App Development

golden android app rule

These days, Mobile app development occupies the highest position within the priority list of each business. There’s a large crowd of consumers on mobile currently and most of them area intended followers of android apps. Therefore, it’s extremely crucial to develop and design a good android app to dominant your business. Smartphone users encapsulate a demographic of web shoppers and area unit usually considered early adopters of digital services. The simplest way to access this economical market is by obtaining a far better understanding of Android app development and aligns it with personalized goals of the company.

The first and foremost step is to own a transparent vision concerning the goals you wish to realize with the Android app. This helps in making the Android app development method smoother and more precise.

Selection of the right app development company is another important aspect. Android app Development Company specialized in mobile typically focuses on shipping associate future-proofed application that seems esthetically appealing on full spectrum of devices.

A creative series of open discussions between developers, designers and clients is crucial to avoid any form of potential hurdles and save valuable time.

New learning and expectations modification may be a part of application development process. A recognized Android app Development Companyin Delhi continuously tries to determine a free-flowing line of interaction to satisfy the expectation of their shoppers that helps in making an excellent mobile application.

Latest Mobile E-Commerce Trends

mobile ecomerce trends

Technology is not static, it evolves in response to changing needs of its users and innovation. This is especially true for digital technologies where trends change in shorter periods of time. With mobile phones with more powerful processors than their predecessors, more complex technologies are becoming viable. The trends that will be seen in the e-commerce industry in coming years are as follows:

  • Rise in shopping via mobile apps: Shopping is increasingly shifting from website to mobile as people find it a more convenient way of shopping which means the website utility is getting limited to discovery platform. Mobile apps help build a loyal customer base as those who download them find it easier to use them since it has preferred payment method already stored into it and the purchase is just a few clicks away and notifications help them know when the needed product is back in stock or selling under discount.
  • Rise in alternate payment methods: Security issues mean that customers would be more hesitant to use their credit cards for the transaction and prefer wallets and other payment networks for the transaction. E-Commerce sites and apps should provide all payment options to their customer as it can sway the customer’s decision to purchase.
  • Rise in AI in e-commerce: Increased use of artificial intelligence in fields like customer care in form of chatbots and more automation is the new trend in E-commerce. This is mostly to ensure faster response to customers, minimizing human error and cost reduction.
  • Personalization and customization: Analyzing customer behavior and targeting them with products and customized offers which fit their attribute so that even the smallest target consumers are not left out.
  • Same day delivery: Customers would like the offline shopping experience by delivery of the product on the same day as purchase. This means retailers have to invest in a more sophisticated logistics infrastructure to reach the last mile in the least possible time.
  • Social selling: Use of social media for marketing with help of creative ads, events and much more. Social media sites like facebook have built in features like button and transaction for sellers which helps in getting on-the-spot purchases.
  • Loyalty schemes: Reducing customer attrition by loyalty schemes like points and rewards.
  • Real-Time, Signal-Driven Analytics: More complex data analytics will supplant the obsolete ones to give better conversion rate.
  • Live support and rigorous customer engagement: To earn loyal customers in this competitive market, it is essential to court the customers so that they don’t feel left out and earn their trust by having sound customer care infrastructure which is responsive to every customer.
  • Customer retention Program: Marketing with the goal is shifting from customer acquisition to customer retention through easy repeat purchases, list mile delivery, responsive social media customer care, loyalty programs and e-mail support.
  • User generated content: Customer reviews and customer posted pictures is an opportunity for marketing as well as a source of negative feedback which has to be addressed by a responsive and proactive customer care.
  • UX prominence: Increased quality of user experience with aesthetic, simplistic, responsive and material design.
  • Internet of Things: Interconnected devices will create new avenues of commerce. For example, a refrigerator which can detect the empty cans of milk and supply the information to user’s e-commerce account or even making the purchase directly with or without the consent of the user, depending on the settings.


  • Dynamic Pricing: Real-time price determination by supply and demand through price optimization software for easier tracking of competitors and extracting profits throughout supply-demand fluctuations.

Twistfuture Software provides excellent ecommerce Development services to create online web store and build trendy iPhone Android ecommerce Mobile Application. We design and customize an m-Commerce or e-Commerce platform the way a business needs that. In an m-Commerce application development, Twistfuture Software is able to implement modern-day features of smartphones including QR code, location-based services, check-ins, coupons and NFC as per the industry or case-specific requirements.

How to create Mobile apps in minutes without coding

How to create Mobile apps in minutes without coding

Creating customized mobile apps can be an expensive affair. It is easier to create a website using WordPress and use plugins to create its mobile equivalent. These plugins use the WordPress CMS, hence the need to create separate CMS for the app does not exist. Also, this ensures that any changes in WordPress CMS are automatically updated in the mobile app. However, due to technical constraints of a mobile app, the app might not be as functional as it should be. Hence, choosing the right plugin is of utmost importance. There are various options available:

1  App builders like Good Barber and Reactor are one such option available. No coding or technical expertise is needed for using such plugins. However, if you want WordPress plugins in your app or a customized app, App builders are of limited utility.

2  WiziApp and MobiApp allow users to create apps without the limitations of App Builders. Specialized Websites like e-commerce require specialized plugins. TM Store is a WordPress plugin for WooCommerce stores that allows users to create customized apps or apps with WordPress plugins. Like app builders, it doesn’t require coding and an app can be created within 15 minutes. It is targeted for merchants who use WooCommerce plugin to create their e-commerce store and TM store creates native mobile app for Android and iOS for their e-commerce store.

Twistfuture Software is a premier mobile app development companyin New Delhi. We design & develop creative and user friendly mobile applications on reliable platforms like iOS and android which will reinforce your brand by increasing your visibility. We believe that you care for your business. We are one of the best ones who are able to develop good consumer base due to our ability in iPhone and android application development. Our team of experts has the perfect know-how about what creates a successful Mobile app.

What are the key skills Mobile App Developers need to be successful

What are the key skills Mobile App Developers need to be successful

With the explosion of smartphone and internet access, Android, Windows and iPhone  Mobile App Development have been creating a niche within the information technology space. Nowadays, people with degree in Computer Science, as well as those who have taught themselves coding, are using their entrepreneurial spirits to get into the mobile app business. Being a mobile app company, we have identified the key skills that mobile app developers must have to succeed:

  1. Programing

Coding is the most fundamental skill required for an app developer. That’s why aspiring app developers should be proficient in at least one programming language like Objective C, Java or HTML5. Once well versed with these, one must skill themselves with modern programing language like Python, Kotlin (for android) or Swift (for iOS). These languages are not only more efficient and less time consuming for coding but also makes porting app into another platform easier.

  1. Design

Since your app has many competitors providing the same functions, your app must offer more than its utility. App developers should use common elements of UI with easy navigation and a design that is appealing to the target-users. Best designed apps follow standard design guidelines which app users expect by default. How to augment over the standard intuitive design of your app is where your creative design skills come to play.

  1. Data

Well-designed database is not only necessary for a responsive app but also for data feedback purposes aka data analytics. Database programming is hence, a handy skill set for app developers to have. Since many features require apps to share information through the web, mobile app developers need to know the concepts of networking with the basics of synchronous and asynchronous programing. This includes using networking tools like REST APIs, AsyncTask and NSURLSession.

  1. Cross Platform Development

Why would a business limit its user base by confining its app to one platform? Most often, apps are built keeping more than one platform in mind. Since there is no automated tool for converting iOS app into Android or vice versa (manual coding is required even with Google j2objc), app developers should be well-acquainted with cross-platform development tools like Ionic HTML5 Framework or React Native.

  1. Cloud

App developers need to be well versed with HTML5 and tools like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to integrate app with Cloud hosting systems. This way, developers can provide the app with cross platform capability by giving users access to apps on different platforms through mobile browsers.

  1. Cyber Security

With malware attacks making headlines, cyber security professionals are in great demand. Many apps like those concerning fin-tech, deal with sensitive information which is vulnerable to hacking. Demand is growing for inbuilt security features in the apps like encryption and data loss prevention that goes further than just password protection. Even integrating third party security solution with the app requires app developers to have the know-how of cyber security.

Android, Windows and iPhone Mobile app development is a dynamic profession as it is continuously evolving with the new realities thrown by the world. Over and above these skills, mobile app developers should have the agility and mental faculty to learn more and keep up to date with current developments in the app world. If you have an idea of a mobile app but you are not an app developer, you can make use of Android, iPhone and Windows mobile app Development Company like Twist Future who have the professional expertise to put your idea into reality.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Android Apps

Common Mistakes to Avoid when developing android app

Remembering these difficulties, if the Android application developers defeats every one of these oversights and builds up an application, it can give remarkable outcomes on Google play store. Try not to hurry to dispatch your application promptly as it may refute the reaction that you need from the customers.

Here are some big mistakes that I see many android app developers make.

  1. Building for multiple platforms at once
  2. Not using intent
  3. Not using fragments
  4. Not understanding Bitmaps
  5. Not thinking about monetization
  6. Straight away signups
  7. Sounds
  8. Complicity over password
  9. Feedbacks
  10. Not Including Analytics

     11.Mismanaging the Project

  Twistfuture Software  is a n emerging as best Android application development company in Delhi, India. We give you assurance, smooth delivery and many benefits which help you in positive growth of your business.

Award Winning Android Application Development Company in Delhi

android development

If you have spent any time in Delhi, you may have experienced the power of sweetness and free thinking it has, the power of free thinking drives many of the entrepreneur in the city, and likewise attracted Twistfuture Software. Twistfuture Software is an award Winning AndroidApplication Development Company in Delhi.

We are team of people with extra ordinary mind who are constantly inquisitive of finding something new. Our team consist of developers, designer, and strategy planners. We have professional team and that is the reason other game and Android development companies comes to us for consulting. We welcome unique and great thoughts for web and android app user and converts them into product which will be known for its reality. We are in this field since 2008, and subsequently the time and circumstance has made us expert in doing our work impeccably. Look at our portfolio to become more acquainted with about a portion of the greatest brands we have worked till now.

What is Twist future?

Twistfuture is team of designers, developers and concept designing experts, who are known to be the developer of the app that gets featured on app stores and can definitely get ahead of all your competitor. Our team is well known for building high quality polished android app for both mobile and web platform.

We want to work with the youthful entrepreneur and startups companies to find something new, apart from our day by day routine. You can find our developers working round the check in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

The way to accomplishment in android application industry is to find innovative products and that is the reason we are specific about the task we need to go up against

The app we develop are from small scale enterprise to large scale companies. Design is the first and primary focus of us as it is the thing which can either increase your ROI and customer database or can destroy it. We always create beautiful design.

When you hand over the task to us, our expert team will enable you to improve your plan to by including flavors in it by utilizing their aptitude information in these field. We begin with detailed wireframe and blueprint of the app so we can work with our customer along the way. Our aim is to release it early, as getting user feedback plays important role in improvising and enhancing our app as per the needs. Our playful mindset helps us to go long way with our clients, and accept all the challenges that may arise in long journey.


So if you are searching for Android app development Company in Delhi, or looking for an agency who can turn your idea into game changing app, and our team is just right away to give you a fresh inspiration to every projects. For more info call us on 01141328844 or send us mail to

Which app development Platform Has Higher Security knots: iPhone or Android?


Which app development Platform Has Higher Security knots iPhone or AndroidTo your Wonder, none of the devices is completely safe. Security dangers lie in each stage yet one of the greatest pros of Android application development is that it is open source which makes it more helpless against the threats. Android and IOS both take the biggest cut of the cake in mobile OS. Most of the people are using mobile apps and offer some extremely private and secret details with them. Indeed, even business is heading towards big business applications for corporate upliftment which makes security needs considerably more fundamental. What turns out to be simple for the business is to concoct Android applications which make it more inclined to malware assault. Android being adjusted more by business and furthermore being open source anybody can peep into what Android precisely is. With regards to IOS, this thing is likely unrealistic. The time and people are so much advanced that regardless of whether the developer make a minor change in a running application and it can bring about security escape clause. Notwithstanding when you make changes in an messing app to make it outwardly engaging, however you have welcomed a security risk yourself which you won’t not be aware of everything of. Open source has this issue and you don’t go over it effectively till you enjoy into testing.


Presently with regards to IOS for iPhone application development, it is profoundly prohibitive stage keeping the situation is dire up. Well, one all the more thing about Apple, it doesn’t release its source code. All things considered, now you know who’s more prudent with security knots. Apple approaches both software and hardware which give them an additional advantage with regards to forcing security. Apple has rested a few limitations on the application and developer and you will dependably be under investigation. In the event that they feel there is any little probability of the security rupture, they will suddenly turn you off.


Android has scaled the step of accomplishment and pick up so much popularity in view of it being open-source and now the security emergency it is confronting is because of the same. 94% of the mobile operating system over the globe is caught by Androidand IOS. The overwhelming platform is Android which catches just about 73% of the aggregate market and created more than 1.8 million subscribers in 2016. Apple is expected to capture 21% of the total market whereas windows to be capture mere 4%.


One of the drawbacks with Android is that the most recent versions turning out has a little segment of the base and henceforth not all the device can get the upgrade when it turns out. Coming to OS, at whatever point any new overhaul of Apple turns out, each device gets it. There was total 18.4 million mobile malware that was detected. Some of the top mobile threats are:

Android.Malapp 39.2%
Android.MalDownloader 16.1%
Android.Opfake 5.2%
Android.HiddenAds 4.8%
Android.Premiumtext 4.1%


Where we talked about each one of those great things about IOS app and that they are less inclined to security rupture however yes they are additionally not by any means safe. One of the example where iPhone application Development Company didn’t tie the security knots satisfactorily and that brought about a malware assault. In 2016, Pegasus malware influenced the IOS devices. This was essentially a covert agent programming which can get into your iPhone and control your calls, messages, and mails.

Taxi App Development: Cost & Features of Taxi App like Uber & Ola

Want To Know The Cost Of Your Own Taxi Booking App

“Want To Know The Cost Of Your Own Taxi Booking App? We Are Here With All The Answers Of Your Queries”.

What You Have to Spend to Make Your Own Taxi Application like Uber

Tech Market is altogether secured with various types of mobile application which most likely will make you a tycoon or perhaps an extremely rich person. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t? Tech world is about preferable thoughts over others. You don’t need to think something that nobody has done yet disregarding that, you have to think an option that is superior to the others which will without a doubt take you to the best. People always want something increasingly and by getting that open door developers can possibly serve the best to their clients.

“Technology Feeds On Itself, Technology Makes More Technology Possible”

Before you begin application development estimation, you should realize that there are really two mobile Apps, not one! 1) Uber, Driver App-without this application passenger won’t have anyone to drive them around. 2) Uber, Passenger App.


We should observe the passenger’s application first. There are couple of things turning out from the design of Uber will be, Uber Pool, Split toll and Share my ETA. It is somewhat direct. You can

  •  Order car
  • adjust Payment methods
  • Utilize or send vouchers


The Driver’s App has all the feature that will give a smooth and consistent ride for their customer. In this Driver’s App, Drivers need to make their entire profile separated from the login part with the goal that he can begin working. They have different choices to accept the ride, request for a trip and cancelation of ride request for by giving reasons.

In the event that you don’t know anything about application designing than you should hire any App Development company to do it for you. The cost that App Development Company will take would part into different containers.


This should be possible in type of interactive mockups with the storyboard include. Additionally, you will require App icon. What’s more, that will cost around 50000 to 100000 Rupees.


This will be expected to convey amongst Apps and pass on the messages to and from the people population who regulate the operation. API is required to create for all the operating system. This will cost around 2 lacks to 4 lacks Rupees.


The cost of developing the mobile app itself can be between 5 Lacks to 10 Lacks Indian Rupees.

Above are only the rough cost of developing an App like Uber. This might be distinctive relying upon the functionalities and features you need to include and the developers you choose.


There are couple of things which ought to be contemplated while developing a similar App

The Uber mobile application gives you a chance to enter your credit card number-this needs PCI certification or a certified partner, which will likewise include some cost depending how you are structured.

Don’t forget to consider “invisible features” like In-App Analytics and Conversion Metrics.

Consider all the “Corner cases, for example, imagine a scenario where driver or customer loses network connectivity. Or on the other hand his/her GPS begins to send wrong information? Imagine a scenario where phones come up short on battery. This is vital to influence an administration to work either on technical or business side.

So trust this article may help you to plan your budget for an App like Uber at some level. It will take around 45 to 60 days to make a fundamental Taxi App. So all we gave here, the cost and the time passage of a Taxi App. Continue making!

Are you looking forward to build an app for your travel agency? We can help to help you realize your app idea into a reality. Contact us by requesting for a free quote today! Send us or call us on 01141328844.