How Mobile App can take your Business to another Level?

How Mobile App can take your Business to another Level

Mobile app development are the best way to reach to your audience, whether you offer services to your customer or run an E-commerce business mobile application is imperative for staying aware of your customers or users. Since we as a whole realize that user engagement on web through mobile is much more than user engagement on the desktop. Thusly to stay aware of your mobile audiences you need to promote your business on the mobile app. Mobile applications are important to keep up for your business as the user engagement on apps is expanding step by step prompting more user interactions and therefore more benefit.

Mobile applications can be created in two ways depending upon the feature of device it is meant to fit in. There are two kinds of mobile applications development are –

  1. iOSMobile App Development -You can target iPhone users to add with your business by developing iOS application for your customers. For expanding business and benefits achieving your target audience is a must.
  1. Android Mobile App Development– Google supported android platform. If you want to reach your android customers for increasing your business then you must develop Android Application.

 Advantage of developing mobile application for your business-

  1. Enhancement your visibility.
  2. Connect you with customers who don’t use desktop.
  3. Builds a relationship with customer.
  4. Generate repetitive business.
  5. Generates notifications for the customer in turn increasing customer app interaction.
  6. Faster and efficient user interface.
  7. Function offline as well.
  8. Push notifications supports flexible advertisement approach.

These are the basic advantages your business accomplishes when you create mobile application. Mobile applications are to a great extent conveyed by giant e-commerce companies like Amazon, eBay and so on that assistance them to generate repetitive business from similar customers.

What is the Benefits of Hybrid Mobile App Development

What is the Benefits of Hybrid Mobile App Development

Over a decade Consumers comfortable searching and buying products and services online. In several cases, businesses are giving the opportunity to discover their products and services on mobile devices and web.

In the beginning, when mobile app development was a novel idea, it was preferred to develop mobile applications in native. However, with the huge growth in mobile users, app usage they have come to consider the benefit of multi-platform application development. Hybrid mobile apps come in the middle of the native and web app spectrum. Hybrid app shows both users properties of native and web, they give following advantages like:

  • Reduced Development Costs
  • Improved UI/UX
  • Ease of Integration
  • Offline Support
  • Simplified Maintenance

Reduced Development Costs: To develop a hybrid mobile app is less inexpensive and gets the task done easily than any native or mobile app. The hybrid mobile app saves both time and cost.

Improved UI/UX: A reliable user experience over the various mobile platform is one of the primary purposes for hybrid application’s fame. Users anticipate that the application will be immediately responsive on various devices and convey a sans glitch encounter.  Hybrid app UI is lightweight can also load the high –definition graphics and content quickly.

Ease of Integration:  Like native apps, hybrid apps use the device’s internal programming system through an overlay which empowers consistent synchronization with other compatible applications. Hybrid apps reduce the integration issues for developers.

Offline Support: Hybrid apps save offline data that helps to load the application quickly. It is the main reason why hybrid mobile apps are the best when compared to native mobile apps.

Simplified Maintenance: Developers have to roll out new updates in the form of new versions and users are required update the app every time a new version is launched. Unlike a web application, a hybrid app is designed to make use of all the features available in the mobile device.

Conclusion:  Mobile app is a mandatory tool for every enterprise to enter the market soon and stay competitive. And a hybrid app makes these task solutions easier and faster. If you are also looking to develop a hybrid app for your own business then concern our experts now to discuss the requirements. Feel free us to call us at 01141328844 or mail  Because Twistfuture Software is a leading mobile app development company in India.

Efficient Mobile App Development Company in Delhi, India


Efficient Mobile App Development Company in Delhi, India

Contact Twistfuture Software for Designing & Developing the best professional’s mobile app at very affordable price in Delhi, India. We Develop and design Android and iPhone app development services for clients. We also provide 6 months free technical support to our clients. With app development and design services, we also provide mobile game development services at cost effective price in Delhi. If you have any idea to create mobile app as well as game development in your mind feel free to call us at a 01141328844 or mail

Why Mobile-commerce is Important for Business

E.commerce mobile app

Larger Customer Base: The dynamics of shopping has seen a tremendous change with the introduction of inexpensive smartphones and greater access to the internet. Shopping is not a weekend affair anymore. People waiting at a bus station on way to work is now a potential customer for a retailer hundreds of miles away, since they now have mobile phones in their hands, surfing the net for products and a disposition to buy on a whim. The impulsive 21st-century consumer with access to a smartphone has become the metaphorical golden goose for the retailers.

In many emerging markets, people who have never owned a PC before are making a technological leap to smartphones due to their increasing affordability. This has led to a whole category of consumer previously untouched by marketers out of the shadow. Also, the mainstream consumers have shifted to mobile apps simply because of its convenience.

The growth of m-commerce between 2013 and 2016 is expected to be 42% compared to 13% in e-commerce according to Coupofly. In fact, Mobile search numbers crossed above that of desktop search in May 2015. The growth is higher in emerging markets due to the leap in technology. And as cashless transaction gains prominence in such countries, shifting to mobile platform has become a must rather than just a supplement.

Mobile Payments: Online payments have been there for a while but with the explosion of mobile phones, public Wi-Fi, and the mobile internet becoming faster and more reliable, newer and faster avenues for payment have appeared such as digital wallets. Countries like India are soon going to make technological leap to biometric payments, making a new generation of mobile phones more attractive as a platform for transactions.

Faster Commerce: Due to responsiveness and convenience of mobile apps and mobile e-commerce sites, mobile has better conversion rate (Ratio of customers and visitors). This is because unlike desktops and laptops, mobile is a more personal device and people find it more secure to store credit card details and passwords on their mobile phones. Mobile apps use this customer trust to help them transact easily without any need to enter the details every time one has to make the purchase.

More Traditional Sale:  Mobile phone also helps traditional brick-and-mortar stores to increase their revenue by letting customers make orders and search for discounts, and earn loyalty points on online transactions which attract the customer back to the store. It opens opportunities for business which didn’t exist before m-commerce.

So what about desktops and laptops?

In the upcoming ‘internet of things’ era, Users would have multiple devices, be it a smartphone, laptop or smartwatch; connected to the Internet so every device will have its own utility. Mobile commerce and e-commerce are going to coexist because they are sides of the same coin, so one has to keep their businesses dynamic and versatile in response to all the ushering technological changes like virtual reality.

And TM store helps you with it by providing various plugins that keep your app robust and up to date for the current trends to keep up with your competitors.

Twistfuture Software is a premier mobile app development company in New Delhi. We design & develop creative and user friendly mobile applications on reliable platforms like iOS and android which will reinforce your brand by increasing your visibility.

How to Win Online 8 ball pool

Online 8 ball pool

8 ball pool is the most widely played pool game in the world. The game is so popular that the term pool has become synonymous with Eight-ball. Online 8 ball pool is played on a virtual pool table with six pockets. It is played with one white cue ball and 15 object balls consisting of seven solid-colored balls (1-7), one black 8 ball and seven stripped balls (9-15). The goal of the game is to legally sink the 8 ball in the designated pocket of the player or the team. Let’s dig deeper and learn rules and tricks of the game!

Elementary Rules of 8 ball pool game

Rules of the game may vary depending on the variation of the game you’re playing. But American rules are considered standard:

  • A game of 8 ball pool requires two players or two teams.
  • Before the game begins, the object balls are stacked in a triangle parallel to the foot rail (short end of the pool table).
  • The first shot of the game is called break shot where a player uses the cue to shoot the white cue ball to scatter the object balls.
  • The ball group (solids or stripes) that is pocketed in the first non-break shot is assigned to the player (or team) who made the pocket, while the opposite group of object balls is assigned to the opponent.
  • Players are supposed to shoot all their assigned balls to pocket so that they have the first chance to pocket the 8 ball.
  • The game alternates between the players unless a player legally pocket the legal object ball or if any ball hits the cushion after striking the legal object ball. In that case, the player gets an extra turn.
  • The player can only sink the 8 ball in the pocket designated by him.
  • The player wins the game if he legally pockets the 8 ball or if the opponent fouls with the 8 ball.

Tips to Win Online 8 ball pool

Know the Rules of the game

This is a no brainer but important to mention. If not a single ball touches the cushion after the cue ball hits a legal object ball, it’s foul. If the cue ball sinks in the pocket or thrown off the table, it’s foul. If you pocket the 8 ball (except in the case of break shot) before clearing your object balls or shoot it off the pool table, your opponent wins the game. Once you’re familiar with all the foul shots of the game, do everything to avoid it. Every shot is important and a poorly played shot gives the opponent advantage over you. 

Use the Spin Effectively

Manipulating the cue ball is the most decisive skill for playing 8 ball pool and to do that, you need spin. Spins are of three types- Topspin, Backspin and Sidespin. Topspin is generated by hitting the cue ball above its center. With topspin, the cue ball moves in the same direction as that of the target ball. On the other hand, backspin is generated by hitting the cue ball below its center. Depending on the force of the backspin, the ball will either stop on hitting the object ball or will move backwards. This prevents the cue ball from sinking in the pocket when shooting an object ball too close to the pocket.

Sidespin is slightly difficult to crack but with a little practice, you can master this spin technique. A right-hand spin will make the cue ball move rightwards after hitting the object ball or cushion. The left-hand spin does the opposite. You can adjust the angle of spin by the amount of force applied to the ball. Faster cue ball will deflect at larger angles.

Use better Cues

Your cue decides the amount of force, effectiveness of the spin and length of aim you can achieve while taking the shot. Use your coins to upgrade your cue. A good cue gives better control over your shot by offering you more time to calibrate the shot. A force cue will work better for long shots or for the break shot. Choose your cues tactically depending on the shots you play.

Practice and Familiarize yourself

8 ball pool is a game of skill and like any other game of skill, it requires regular practice. With enough practice, you’ll pick up the precise amount of force/spin you’ll need for the shot and you’ll learn to anticipate the movement of the balls beforehand. Once you gain these skills, you’ll intuitively know the right shots to play and with time, you’d have better control over the game. So, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Twist future is Mobile Game development company. We have developed multiplayer mobile games as well as multiplayer web browser games including Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool and Multiplayer Cricket. Learn more about Multiplayer Game Development here. Contact us to develop mobile game of your choice with Twistfuture.

Platforms Used by a Mobile App Development Company

android ios windows app development

If you are planning to get an app developed for your business, you first need to decide the platform being used by your target audiences. For instance, Android makes sense if your target customers are squarely focused on it.

Twistfuture Software is  an expert mobile app development company providing wide range of mobile app development services including iPhone, ipad, android and windows.

We are premium mobile app development services provider Company located in Delhi, India, It’s provides custom mobile app development services for Android and iOS platform and has a strong team of Android and iOS developers.

How to Determine the Cost of an On-Demand Delivery App


Today, consumers are looking for better and improved solutions that add to convenience and ease. Everything is available on a click and the faster and enhanced the services, the more successful and popular the business. On-demand delivery apps have become extremely popular as more and more users are turning to them. These apps cater to the door-to-door services that ensure a much faster delivery and thus more number of satisfied users. Over the last few years on-demand delivery apps have risen in number and caters to a large number of fields, products and services. Grocery shopping, personal products, taxi and cab rides are all thriving with these on-demand delivery apps. also read

Tips on Making Your Mobile App Successful

There are many reasons apart from faster delivery that have resulted in this flourishing of on-demand delivery apps. These apps have a greater chance of a great mobile friendly user experience, the prices are lesser as compared to traditional services, there are numerous modes of payment options available, the contractors have the option to work full or part time and the rating system is highly actionable. All these characteristics and benefits have resulted in a high demand for on-demand delivery apps.

If you own a business and are wondering about the cost of an on-demand delivery app, there are certain factors that need to be considered before making that decision. The first point that needs careful consideration is:

  1. User Acquisition

On demand delivery apps promise a cheap and fast delivery. The advantage for the business depends upon several other factors:

  • An on-demand delivery app requires advertising before the launch. Varying social media platforms and PR channels can be used to serve the purpose of advertising. As you begin getting users, a referral program will help you increase your user base.
  • If you are working with retailers, acquiring and sharing their user base will help your business grow. Collaborate with the retailers for an increased user base.
  1. User Retention

A great user experience and quality customer services are the easiest and best ways to retain customers. These help develop brand loyalty and business success. Other strategies that help in user retention include:

  • Receiving customer feedback helps you better your services and allows the customer to be able to give an honest feedback based on their experience.
  • The on demand delivery app can easily provide customer support to enhance the user experience. Ensure prompt and friendly responses.
  • Special offers, discounts, vouchers and gifts are all great ways to urge your customers to come back for more!

After careful consideration of these points and the cost for them comes the cost of the on-demand delivery app. A mobile app delivery company will include the cost of the whole team involved. The cost of the app varies as it depends on the current trends and industry standards. The more features and modes you want to add the more will be the cost for the on demand delivery app.

Twistfuture Software is a leading mobile app development company in across the world. We offer android and iOS app development services in whole USA. We use leftest technology to develop android and ios app.

Tips on Making Your Mobile App Successful


Mobile apps have become the new way for any and every business to make a great impact and bring in positive response for the business. With most customers looking for mobile friendly solutions, getting into mobile app development seems to be the most obvious and profitable move for a business. Be it android app development, windows app development or iPhone app development; each has its own unique features and benefits. Everyday numerous apps enter the market, some gaining instant success and some making zero impact! Making a mobile app successful requires careful consideration of numerous aspects. There are specific features and unique qualities that make an app stand out and appear better than the competition. It requires immense thought, a unique idea and great effort to make a mobile app successful.

If you own a business and you are starting out your own mobile app or considering doing so, make sure you have paid due attention to every factor and characteristic that makes an app successful and an instant hit! Here’s a checklist and some tips to make your app successful.

  • Originality

Today there is an app for almost everything! This creating an app that can still be original and unique will definitely get you noticed in the crowd. Your app must be absolutely original, an improvement to another app or a way for users to solve a problem or gain entertainment. The design and user experience must be absolutely top notch!

  • Make it viral

You want your users to have a great experience but you also want them to invite more users! Add something that urges users to share it with their network and helps your app go viral.

  • Android App Development

While iPhone introduced the whole profitability for application, android app development must also be included. The more the better and this only ensures more users and more visibility for your business.

  • Small steps to Big Success

While your ultimate goal may be to make it big in the global market, it’s best to start small and make an impact as you grow. Concentrate on smaller markets and slowly expand your potential.

  • Marketing

Marketing is intrinsic to app success. Ensure you make quality efforts to market your app and give your app the push start to success. Strategize and plan for effective marketing campaigns that will attract users.

  • Expert Help

Having an idea is not the same as making it into reality; that requires expert solutions. A mobile app development company will be able to deliver better app experience and ensure a greater user experience. Work with professionals and experts for best results.

  • Free! Free! Free!

A Free mobile app always gets more attention! Keep your app free and enjoy success.

Once your app is up and running it is important to closely track and monitor every aspect, this will help you make the app better and improve it along the way, resulting in smooth and efficient running of the app. Get App-Ready!

How an iPhone App Can Maximize Your Business


Business owners are always looking for better and improved ways to serve their customers and increase their profitability. Owning a business means owning to the responsibility of providing your customers with the best and the latest! Since internet has entered the business world, the direct communication and relations a business can form with their customers help get a better understanding of user needs and demands. Then came mobile apps and it increased user base even more! IPhones are extremely popular amongst the present day digital generation for the great experience and user friendly options it offers. IPhone app development has thus become hugely popular catering to the present day needs. IPhone apps are a profitable revenue generator for a business and can bring in greater visibility and use for your app. There are over 85 million apple users across the globe, raising your chances at success to a great number!

The very first thing that an iPhone or any app needs to be is highly unique, innovative and advanced. Any app available on the iPhone market enjoys a great share! Being a highly profitable move any mobile app development company will always suggest getting on to the iPhone app market for greater revenue generation and visibility. Launching an iPhone app requires a prior approval from the app store that is managed by Apple Inc. unlike Android, Apple is not fragmented and operates on a close source system only accessible by Apple. Even though banking, finance, ecommerce, fitness, lifestyle and sports seem to be the most profitable field for iPhone app development, other fields enjoy a noteworthy share on the app store too.

Other features of iPhone app to help you maximize your business:

Mobile Payments

IPhone apps allow a user to make secure payments through the apps adding to the many benefits for businesses and users alike. Multiple payment options can be selected to add to the user convenience.

  • Outreach

IPhone app market is highly popular and serves as a great platform for effective marketing, branding and advertising strategies. IOS apps may seem as an added cost to your business but the high possibility of revenue generation actually makes it more profitable. Plus, you get to market you brand to a great number of users.

  • In App purchases

The ability to offer in app purchases increases the revenue generation for your business. Users can use the app for one time use or subscribe for memberships or buy premium content- all leading to profitable revenue generation.

  • API’s

Third party APIs help your business to increase the sales and maximize affiliate marketing to help the growth of your business.

  • Push Notifications

Highly effective for location specific or ecommerce apps, push notifications also offer a great deal of benefits for all apps. You can send updates and relevant information regarding deals or offers to attract more users.

IPhone app development has numerous advantages all aimed at helping you maximize your business.

A Comprehensive Guide to Building and Launching an Android App


The art of creating a good application for different platforms lies in having a remarkable idea that will attract more and more users. At this point, downloading a new application on your phone is more about entertainment than any other reason. But at the same time, it is important that you understand the technical aspects of launching a new application. Following are some things which might help you in building and launching a successful application:

  1. Practicality of Ideas:

You have a great idea for an application, but the most important part is that you have to see the practicality of it as well. If you have several different ideas, it is best to consider the pros and cons of all. You can have on design that you want for your application easily as long as it is user-friendly and responsive. However, you have to make sure that your application is compatible with user interface in order to give users a good experience.

  1. Developing Android App:

The second thing you need to know is app development which is based on programming. If you don’t know programming you can make use of many different mobile app development companies. Your application will be certainly successful if you let professional developers handle the technical work which defines your Android application.

  1. Marketing Your Application:

The final step of launching your application is marketing it in order to spread the word and attract more and more users. It is important that you take proper steps which ensure that your application is doing well among users and the right kind of advertisement will take you a long way. If you don’t want to go through all of the hassle of coming up with unique ideas for marketing, you can sit back and let the experts do their job.

Twist Future is a place which is devoted to helping everyone who has a unique mobile application idea. If you are hovering within concepts that need to be executed, you can get a team of technical experts to help you out. This India-based mobile app development company will help you to launch your application on any of your chosen platform. Whether you want help with Android app development, Windows app development or an iPhone app development, their team will guide you and help you design an attractive application. Not just that, their services also include marketing and distribution of your application in order to help you make your way to the top through thousands of other applications.

Today, users appreciate ideas that are unique and stand out, but ideas show in your practical work. The more sleek and professional the design looks, the more you will have the opportunity to attract users. Twist Future has created a number of different applications for Windows, Androids and iPhones which have all made remarkable success in the application stores. You can rest assured that this mobile app development company will satisfy all your needs and give you the application that you have been dreaming of.