5 Most Important Features for Your Mobile App

A successful mobile app is made out of not one but many components that adds up to its greatness and exquisiteness. When it comes to delivering a robust app, we usually tend to focus more on critical issues like functionality, analytics, security and more. However, it simply doesn’t permit us to overlook other small things that might look trivial at a glance but can actually make a great difference to how an app really works well for the users.

5 Most Important Features for Your Mobile App
5 Most Important Features for Your Mobile App

Today, we shall focus on those aspects of an application that can help your app connect to its users in a much refined manner:

1. Responsive Design

Rewarding your users with a great responsive design is the key to win their hearts. Responsive apps tend to adjust their layout dynamically according to the screen dimensions of the respective device they are running on. Keep in mind that a wise way to build responsive app is to count on a development platform that serves you with an automatically responsive user interface model and thereby generates an optimized experience on each device from a single code base. For that matter, you can choose the best mobile app development company that are well-versed with responsive development tools.

2. Working Offline

It is all about including features that can be used without a wireless signal. This is of much help for users who tend to have a weak signal yet manage to get something out of the app at that time. Remember, that you are not being asked to provide full-fledged features, but providing partial features will also do, as in such times the user will remember only those apps that can serve something instead of nothing. Also, it is critical to understand that mobile apps that absolutely can’t work in offline mode supposedly waste the value of mobility.

3. Feedback System

You simply cannot miss out on this one. Providing user feedback is not just essential but mandatory for that matter. If you are giving your users a platform to engage with, then they surely deserve an opportunity to speak their mind and convey their unbiased opinion of your app. Make the process as quick and easy as possible for the users. Take it as you have got another source to identify problems and work around to make your app even better.

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4. Customization

When you think of offering customization to your users, the very first things to hit your mind are giving options to select a skin or for that matter allowing them to reorganize the app’s menu. Giving users the flexibility to adapt the app in their own way creates a sense of belongingness. Offering customization also opens doors for serving unique features of each device type.

5. Speed

Why to lose them when they are already there? An app that’s slow to load is sure to disappoint the users big time rather than retaining them. Speed is a part of providing a streamlined app that’s easy to use and easy to load. Making them wait for even few more seconds leads them to frustration and thereby they are forced to abandon your app. Hence, make sure that you consider the speed factor along with these above mentioned features.

Closing Lines

Not many but most of the times these factors are overlooked in the quest for an ideal app. Integrating these 5 features will largely help you in retaining your users and stop them from abandoning your app. For that matter, the best way is to hire a skilled mobile app development company that makes sure your app is stuffed with all the required aspects.

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