Mistakes to avoid before launching your Mobile App

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Mistakes to avoid before launching your Mobile App

The launch phase of your app is a very critical phase. Initial ratings and reviews your app acquires can make or break its reputation. That’s why it’s essential to do your homework before finally launching the app. Here’s the list of what not to do before releasing your app.

Lack of Pre-Launch strategies

It’s prudent to have your strategies in place during mobile app development phase itself so that you have the momentum during the launch of your app. Decide your marketing strategies and pricing model to monetize your app well ahead. Interact directly with your target demographics to get good insights for building an effective pre-launch strategy.

Bypassing Beta Testing

The performance of your app during launch will decide the trajectory of your app’s growth. To resolve any hidden bugs that might have missed during in-house testing, it’s important that your app is thoroughly tried by expert beta testers. A public beta launch of your app is also a great source of feedback for UI improvements and has the added benefit of marketing. Beta testing ensures that the final product you launch is user-friendly and bug-free.

Overlooking App Store Optimization (ASO)

More than half of smartphone users find their app through app store search. For that precise reason, you need to have App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy in place before releasing your app. Research target keywords that users are more likely to search for. Once you’ve curated a long list of such keywords, choose keywords with relatively low competition (long-tail keywords) to be used in app title and description. ASO is not a one-time effort but should be pursued periodically so that your app is always in the game.

Not Analyzing Feedback

Feedbacks during beta testing is crucial for optimizing the app for the final launch. Relying on target customers for unbiased review can get you relevant and quality feedback. This will help grow organic ratings later since ratings influence the ranking of your app. Use the Feedback from analytics and keyword tracking as well to improve click rate and conversion rate.

Discounting Target Audience Research

Knowing your target audience and what they want in an app can help you figure out the features your app should have so that it clicks with your prospective users. One way to do that is to assess your competitor’s app. Have a thorough research of their target users, features they request and the feedback for their app, and implement those insights in your own app.

Not choosing the right platform

During mobile app development, it is preferable to use your entire resources on one platform at a time. This way, you’ve less chance to miss bugs and optimize the app more efficiently. To do that, however, you must decide the right platform for your app beforehand. It depends on your target audience, the device they use and app monetization strategy. If your target users are from the US,iOS is a better option as Americans tend to use Apple devices. iOS App users are also more likely to make in-app purchases or opt for paid subscriptions. So, if you are planning to monetize your app through these models, iOS should be the platform of your choice. Android on the other hand better suits apps with in-app advertising.

Neglecting App Marketing

Marketing of your app before launch is as important as post-launch promotions. Employ multi-thronged marketing strategies to deal with the cut-throat competition. Employ social media and email referral campaigns, search ads, video ads and ad campaigns through platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Don’t forget to complement internet marketing with offline strategies like events, billboards and radio advertising.

Excessive features

User experience matters most during the early stages of user acquisition. Too many features will make the app buggy and the size of the app will discourage users to install. If extra features can enhance the user experience, test them by releasing regular updates instead of launching an unnecessarily bloated app.


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