Tips for Effective iPhone and Android App Development

Tips for Effective iPhone and Android App Development

More businesses today are seeking out a credible mobile app development company to assist them with their marketing and customer outreach programs. This is because there has been increasing favorable response to these branded mobile applications, with many surveys indicating that overall purchase intent and sentiment increase when the consumer users a brand’s app. Obviously, the best way of seeing these benefits and achieving your targeted results is to undertake proper android or iPhone app development. Here are a few tips to get you started.

First impression matters – A huge factor of enhancing engagement that is often overlooked by many inexperienced developers is the important first-use response. A well-designed app with tasteful placeholders, instructions, and other key features to assist people get started quickly makes an excellent first impression. Each element of the android, iPhone or mobile games developmentshould be carefully designed to ensure a first-time user will not have any problems using the app. Adding tutorials to your app is also a good practice that a good mobile app development company will likely recommend.

Integrate social networking into the app – Effective android and iPhone appdevelopment requires that parts of the content in the app be easily shareable on social media. This allows users to contribute and add their perspective to the mobile app, thus creating a kind of mobile community. In effect, the app becomes more interesting, and you are able to keep people coming back.

Push notifications are crucial – For effective engagement, push notifications must be included during android app development. These notifications can include video, text, pictures or even external links, which redirect to a special landing page depending on consumer segmentation. At Twist Future mobile app Development Company, we also advise clients use push notifications for reminding users to interact with their apps after a certain period of time.

Enhance real-time user experience – Take advantage of effective android appdevelopment to enhance user experience of your customers in real time. One idea that retailers can use is by enabling customers to get detailed information about the product once they scan the codes on the packaging or product labels. Moreover, you can also opt for product reviews and price comparisons in your iPhone app development as a way of providing more value to your clients.

Finally, Twist Future mobile app development company recommends offering your app users some real-world gifts and rewards, Think of a system where users earn points if they shop through your app are play your mobile games. Providing these real world gifts is a smart method that a business can use to enhance user engagement. These are only a few of the many ways to ensure your iPhone, android or mobile games development is successful. Check for more information.

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10 Steps to Design a Good Mobile Application

Good Mobile Application

In this time and age, it’s tough to design and create a visible mobile app because the mobile technology is progressing in leap and bounds. The level of competition has increased, and if you can’t design a competitive mobile app, it will die before its actual death time without making any contribution to the world of mobile technology. We have drafted a simple and detailed article on how to create a good mobile app successfully. Follow the steps and integrate these tips into your design.

  1. A Perfect Imagination:-
The very first step to developing a good mobile app is the creative and excellent imagination of the app. Your app should be created in a way that it should resolve some problems and should be affordable to the users. Decide the features that you will add in your app and make it some unique app that can resolve some issues mainly. The customer satisfaction level should also be considered.
  1. Identification:-
When the developer wants to design a mobile app, he needs to be careful about some things. First, he should decide the target users for his app that will be using and purchasing it. 2nd the specifications of the app should be decided as per market trend. The battery life, performance and other parameters to judge a good app should be incorporated as per the market demands. Lastly, the developer should think of generating revenue from the app and introduce it in an efficient way into the market for real revenue.
  1. Design:-
The developer needs to be creative in thinking and must bring some fresh design of the app that can impress the users and get the attraction to the successful launch.
  1. Decide the Approach:-
The selection of a method for creating a mobile app is essential. The developer should use the approach by the budget and time. There are various methods like native, hybrid, and web to deploy for the right apps.
  1. Prototype Development:-
When the plan is decided, the next step for the app design is developing the prototype for your app. It is simply an idea of the fundamental functions of the app, and the developer can sell their prototypes to the potential buyers.
  1. Integration of Analytics Tool:-
The developer should be aware of the tool that will guide him to the number of visitors and traffic coming to the site. Google Analytics, Flurry, Mixpanel and many others are some analytics tool for apps.
  1. Beta Testers:-
The first stage to get your feedback from the audience is beta testing. This can increase your visibility is the app store. It spares you from any risk and pushes your apps more and more.
  1. Release:-
Plan, schedule and management are needed for deploying the project to release it at the right time. The main purpose of it is to guarantee the integrity of a development.
  1. Capturing Metrics:-
When your app is being used, you need to get accurate information about the number of users, so capturing metric is the critical part of designing a mobile app.
  1. Up gradation:-
Your app should be updated for improvement and the changes. Outdated apps can’t exist in the market so if you have to make your app prominent and operation, ensure regular upgrading.
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6 Reasons why you Need To Launch Your Business on the iOS Platform

Business on the iOS Platform

While businesses have pursued app development religiously, they haven’t been as prompt when it comes to implementing it on iOS. Understandably, the reasons vary from budget issues to plain ignorance. Let’s try to establish how important it is for you to kick-start our own iPhone app development project to launch your business on the iPhone as well.

Apple is trending big time
Just when market analysts predicted an invincible lead for Android phones, Tim Cook shot back with the iPhone 6, catapulting the shares to over 30% of the global market. Now, the user base is bigger than ever.
Stability & Quality
It’s no secret that the iOS is probably the most stable operating system out there. Furthermore, unlike Android, the App store has stringent quality check measures. So not only is your iPhone app development project going to employ a seamless platform, you’re also going to push your developer to deliver a world class app.
A large number of businesses today suffer from data loss and software duplication. While many corporates invest boatloads of money to keep their firmware secure, others just don’t have the money to fit the bill. The iOS platform acts like a boon for such enterprises since its pre loaded with security measures which prevent such mishaps.
Rich user experience
With minimal bugs and an ultra responsive user interface, iOS is a buttery smooth experience. What’s more? iOS is consistent with all Apple devices, hence your users will be able to install updates without any hassles. This should ensure that your promise of quality services extends safely across to the digital platform as well.
Profitable Market
Traditionally, and true to their regard for quality, iPhone users have always agreed to pay a good price for quality software. Therefore, chances are that your software might receive more appreciation from iOS users rather than their Android counterparts.
Affordable testing and development.
It takes less time and money to develop apps for the iOS platform since you’re targeting a single device. On the android app development front, your app needs to cater to thousands of devices, and this results in the need for more resources to optimize the end user experience. Likewise, it is easier to test and debug your firmware too.
As a business, it’s always important that you stay ahead of the race, and to do this, it is crucial that you expand into the iOS platform as well. Furthermore, iPhones have been extensively used for business purposes. If your organization lacks the expertize to develop for the iOS platform, then it’s advisable that you hire a mobile appdevelopment company to stay connected with your iOS user base.
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How to Create Best Mobile App to Make Money

best mobile app to make money
According to the latest statistics, people bought three times more mobile devices compared to computers and laptops. This trend is expected to continue in the next years too. So, it is not really a surprise that the mobile app market is growing so fast. Mobile apps have proven to be very profitable and this is the reason why hundreds of people from around the globe are looking for a way to create attractive mobile apps that will bring them money. Hiring a mobile app development company is certainly helpful, but before you do this you must take certain things into consideration. In this way, you will learn the basics of creating a profitable mobile app and ask the mobile app development company to follow your instructions.

To start with, you must consider the platform in which your app will work. We should point out that every OS requires specific elements, so investing in developing app that works on the most popular operating systems will cost you more. If you ask any developer they will tell you that you should invest in Android app development. This is quite logical because according to the latest surveys, more than 80% of users have Android-based devices. Of course, we should not forget that iOS app development is important too because last year they have witnessed an increase of 2.5% on the market. In the end, you should consider Windows app development too because the number of mobile device users with this OS is constant. It is best to ask the mobile app development company that you are interested in whether they provide discount or special deals if you want to develop an app that works on these three platforms.

Furthermore, you must focus on creation of mobile apps that can help users solve certain problems. It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about communication apps, apps that help users find information or apps used for other purposes, you must offer something that makes your app useful.
Of course, you must also take care of the design in order to make sure that the application is visually attractive and easy to use. A user-friendly design is a must. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are making this app with true professionals who have experience in this field.
You’ll be surprised to hear that USA is not the only market where mobile apps are profitable. That’s why it is a good idea to consider some smaller markets where you can present your app. Don’t forget that the number of downloads in most countries of Asia should be significantly higher than the number of download in the USA if you want to make the same profit.
Finally, remember that mobile apps can be free or paid. Free apps can be profitable too. You can use ads, allow in app purchases and many other things to make money from free apps.
Now that you know how to create best mobile app to make money, hire a mobile app development company to help you with this process.
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10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile App Development


10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Mobile App Development

Earlier we used to say that technology is slowly taking over our lives, but the statement very much altered its course of dictation. The technological paradigm of change has sped up and so have our lives. Ever since the industrial revolution, the technology has taken the world with a different angle of recovery. Every need, every necessity and every lapse are met with the blessing of technology. Mobile is blessing in disguise since you have a portable laptop, television, mirror, camera, courier service and games in one package. With so many applications being introduced and manufactured every day in the market, the convenience has become a norm. Your day is incomplete without you getting in the morning and using Instagram or Facebook on your mobile phone. We sleep with our apps opened and we wake up with are apps opened. Our lives revolve around mobile applications on the phones for our entertainment and convenience purposes. The readiness and need of mobile app development are translated through our usage of these applications on a daily basis.


Without the mobile app development our lives would be same as they used to be 10 to 5 years ago. Mobile app Development Companyandroidapp development, iPhone app development and Windows app development are the spine of technology in today’s world. Investment therefore in this sector is required for following reasons, if we wish to continue the luxury aspect of technology.
  • First way of viewing this investment is the customer need. The customer needs are rising and accumulating, thus any investment is welcomed and supported to upgrade the mobile app’s status through app development.
  • Mobile apps are you present and the future. The world has become mobile. People do not go anywhere without getting a check from tourist apps on their cell phones. The need and the way of life styles have found their dependence on mobiles.
  • Mobile apps provide a social platform which is a big step forward towards networking. We cannot survive in this world without having a strong network connection. These networking paths are our bread earners and way of life now.
  • Mobile apps provides better sales option to e-commerce sector. Businesses are investing extensively in app development for their business and sales volume is heightened because of going online. Business gets noticed through virtual presence.
  • Mobile apps save your time, money and effort. The human capital is lowered and the risk is reduced sequentially.
  • Customer engagement is important for businesses and this is intensively a big part of mobile apps.
  • Ease of access has rendered the possibility of every other communication mode useless, apps like WhatsApp are taking over the usual media like land lines.
  • Mobile apps are a way of targeting a bigger audience that uses mobile phones on a daily basis. This ultimately leads to businesses getting recognized.
  • Virtual reality is the next big thing which provides immense employment opportunities.
  • Survival of the fittest is the prevailing concept. Apps and such modes are becoming the way of life so it is mandatory to grab the concept of these things.
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5 Ways a Mobile App Can Grow Your Business

mobile application development
A rapid change in the world of business has been observed in the duration of last 10 years. A few years ago, people have not imagined that social media and smart phones will take the world by storm. This advancement in technology has opened up new avenues for businesses. While some businesses are happy to retain their traditional role and refuse to adopt the new technology, others have taken a more forward-thinking and customer-centric approach. Android and iPhoneapplication developmenthas helped the business to provide personalized service and engage customers in a way that was not possibly imagined before. Here are the top 5 ways a mobile app can grow your business:
  1. Improve your Brand Image

Developing a mobile application can significantly improve the brand image of your company. Your customer will not have to remember your brand name and logo, but they will have a free access to it through the application installed on their smartphones. This will improve brand loyalty and with high quality content, enforces your customers to open up the application on a regular basis.
  1. Increase Customer Base

In this century people are always looking for accessibility. They would rather choose to do business at the comfort of their home rather than physically visiting the business centers. Thus, developing a mobile app will increase your customer base that would likely use your services and recommend them to their family and friends.
  1. Generate More Revenue

The mobile app development for your business will open up a new door of revenue generation. Apart from the revenue generated from stores and website, the app will help you to increase sales and thus gain profit. People will have eased to shop through your application rather than physically visiting your store or go all the way to your website. Placing an advertisement on your application will also help you to earn more revenue.
  1. Act as Marketing Tool

Similarly, developing a mobileapplication and integrating it with the social media such as Facebook and Twitter will work as a marketing tool for your business. You can get free publicity and spread of the word if your customer shares your app on his/her social media network. Also, through the push notification feature, you can send notifications and alert your customers with the latest products and promotions.
  1. Improve Customer Experience

Customers are looking for ease and comfort. If you develop an application that helps them to interact with you 24/7 and give them access to your products and services on the go, then you will gain their loyalty and trust. A business that gives their clients a full host of data and administrations outside the normal business hour will altogether enhance their client base. A good mobile application with easy user interface, improves the whole customer experience.
If you wish to see your business flourish and grow significantly, then you must consider developing a mobile application that is specifically designed for your business. You will gain a competitive edge over your competitors and thus gain large potential benefits for your company.
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7 Tips to Choose Right Mobile App Development Company

7 Tips to Choose Right Mobile App Development Company
Toady it is very difficult to choose right mobile app development Company Because there are many companies that develop mobile applications on different platforms for millions of clients local and Globally. The real challenge is how to select right company which fulfil your requirements best.
There are few ways to decide the right mobile application development company in India which can best fulfil your requirements.
Declare the Platform: Recognize your requirements. The platform can be iPhone, Android or another. First of all identify the platform because a particular platform is used by most of the app development companies. Among these companies, the best one for you that have a best technical expert which develop certain smartphone application development.
Recommendation from Clients: You will have a knowledge what they can offer you. The quality of their application can be checked by using software testing team by them.
Ability to Meet the Deadline: Find out whether the app development companies are able to give your app at given time period.
Cost Effectiveness: Before choosing the company for mobile appdevelopment know the cost which will take for application development and you have not compromise with quality of the mobile application.
Focus on The App Design: First of all focus on good design for app and you have also know that a company have experienced graphics designer team are present or not. consider designer have design mobile app for clients.
Personalized Business Apps: When Choosing Mobile app development Company, ensure that company provides personalized business apps according to your company needs and requirements.
Offshore product development:If design is outsourced an app can be made at an affordable price and application development take places in India. Mobile app development cost is very affordable in India comparison than other country.
If you are interested in developing a mobile app please get in touch with us.
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Know The Latest Trends And Tips In Android Application Development

Know The Latest Trends And Tips In Android Application Development
Whether it is booking the movie tickets, checking the latest on stocks or calculating your monthly expenses, your smartphone can do all these and so much more. Have you given a thought to how a device that was meant to only make and receive calls has become so indispensable in your life? The smartphone technology owes a lot to the apps it supports and mobile apps are changing the world as we know it. Here are some of the latest trends in the mobile app development, especially the development of android apps.
  1. Multi-channel App Development. Mobile devices have seen a great upsurge in usage but the time for multi-channel apps is here now. Any mobile app development company that aims to take its apps to the masses will have to include cloud based technology that is accessible from any device and can seamlessly integrate information irrespective of the device it is accessed from. An app that has the multi-platform and multi-channel advantage is definitely on its way to success.
  1. Greater Visual Appeal. Customer experience is the name of the game and nothing defines it better than a superlative visual appeal. With thousands of android app developments happening across the world simultaneously, only those apps that look and feel good and support greater visual features will have the advantage.
  1. Better User Experience. Mobile app development, including iPhone app development is out of its infancy and competition between apps for the attention of the users is heating up the space. Better user experience, with added analytics, will decide the success or failure of any new apps developed by any mobile app development company, irrespective of the industry the app is developed for.
  1. Mobile App Advertising. The ultimate aim of new android app development is enhanced revenue through in-app advertising. App development is now making a subtle but sure shift towards revenue generating models and in-app advertising is the key to it. Consumers will have to be nudged towards greater participation so that developers can earn through advertising.
  1. Messaging Apps Vs Social Networks. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are now in direct competition to social networks like Facebook and Google+. Mobile apps designed for free flow of communication will possibly soon overtake the social networks because of greater penetration of smartphones. The increasing demand for mobile apps is clear indication of this trend and businesses may view these as a faster way of gaining the dwindling customer attention.
  1. Location Based Wi-fi Apps. Wi-fi services can greatly augment the effectiveness of any app, as iPhone apps have shown us. Nearly every sector be it retail, technology or banking is going to benefit from this as location tracking can be of greater significance.
Constant analyses of the current trends and anticipating the needs of the mobile app users before the competitors become aware of them should be the focus of any mobileapp development company. Strong technological competency that allows the users to have a 360 degree experience will determine what works and what doesn’t. To know more about what a mobile app development company is doing, visit

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Over the past years mobile apps have become an important part of any growing business. And not just the leading businesses, these days you’ll see even the small business you see have their own mobile app. If you are a growing company and want to develop more you need to have a mobile app. The world is getting more technological with every passing hour. Now-a-days smartphones have the biggest market usage. Every other person you’ll see will be jammed with his smartphone. In this world of technological advancement if your business does not have a mobile app you’re losing your place.

Here I’ll direct you to the 10 major reasons why your business should have a mobile app.

1. Availability towards Customers:
These days every other person has a smartphone, which means the world is at his fingertips. While the rest of the world is at his fingertips, you are not. Because an average person operates everything from his mobile and when you’re not accessible to him you’ll lose your customers.

2. Faster and Quicker Experience:
It has come into the attention that the mobile apps work faster than the websites. Both the Apple and Google application stores have least speed prerequisites to rundown versatile applications. This guarantees the clients get a much snappier and smoother experience that outcomes in driving more activity and higher engagement levels.

3. Be in your Customers Place:
Try to step into the shoes of your customers and keep a check on where they are. Today a huge number of customers are available on their smartphones. Mobile apps take up most of their time in a day. So why should you back down and not take advantage of this?

4. Create a Brand Image:
Brand image is an essential part of any business. Not having a mobile app will give your customers an idea that you’re not updating about the modern business ways which may create an unhealthy brand image.

5. Pace up with Innovations:
Since the modern day technology has given a boost to more innovations like smart watch etc. If today you don’t have a mobile app how are you going to keep up with the future innovations? You have to build your platform to keep up with the business race.

6. Stand Out:
Having a mobile app will help you stand out from your competition and make you more advance in technological areas. Be the first one to develop a mobile app before your competitors do and if they have already, it’s better late than never.

7. Customer Loyalty:
There are so many different advertisements that go through the customer’s eye throughout the day how will they remember yours? Creating a mobile app will provide your customers a chance to create loyalty towards your brand.

8. Promotion:
One of the best ways to promote your product is through a mobile app. Since your customers are always available on their smartphones, it give you a chance to promote your brand, anytime you want.

9. Online Services:
Giving your customers online services will make your brand stand out. You will be giving the customers more benefits than your competitors.

10. Customer Engagement:
The best thing that mobile apps create is customer engagement. It provides a channel where companies can directly engage with its customers by all means of profile data.

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What is The Role of Mobile Apps in the Tourism Industry

What is The Role of Mobile Apps in the Tourism Industry
Tourism is an evergreen industry that requires no introduction. High penetration of smartphones and tablets across the world are now fuelling the growth of mobile apps across industries and the tourism sector has also not remain untouched. Travel apps, in fact, have consistently ranked among the top ten popular apps across industries and that speaks for the role of mobile apps and themobile appdevelopment companies in the tourism industry on the whole.
Lately the mobile app category has seen an upsurge in apps that target ticketing and reservation, shopping at tourist destinations, sightseeing, weather alerts, emergency services at specific destinations, translation services, etc. But how do the mobile app development companiesspecifically contribute to the tourism sector and how the sector itself has led to a booming number of android and iPhone app developments is an interesting study.
  • The Travel Apps Enhance the User Experience. Whether it is to find the location of specific restaurants or to book a hotel in the city centre at reasonable cost, mobile apps can help in planning and organizing a holiday. By simply downloading the app, the user can have a travelling companion on-the-go.
  • A Novel Way to Attract Visitors. Zonal and national tourism boards, big budget hotels and travel magazines and portals, among others are all jumping on the bandwagon and going for iPhone and android app developments because they believe that it can help them attract higher number of visitors. Tourist data for otherwise little known destinations, in fact, supports this trend.
  • Service Integration. One of the reasons for the popularity of mobile apps and the rise of the mobile app development industry is that it allows the user to do a one-point transaction. All services like bookings of flights and hotels, payments, shopping discounts, etc can be accessed and viewed through one app. By downloading just one app the user has access to numerous services.
  • Great Source For Market Research. Mobile apps can be used to collect important data regarding the travellers as well as collect feedback from the travellers regarding their experience. That such data can be used in the future to improve the apps as well as target a particular customer segment makes the mobile apps in the tourism industry an important source for market research.
Besides providing a brand new sales channel to travel companies the android and iPhone app development also helps create brand awareness for the brand commissioning the mobile app. By providing the users real time information about destinations, routes, bookings, etc the mobile apps can be an excellent add to the market strategy for staying ahead of the competition.
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