Know The Latest Trends And Tips In Android Application Development

Know The Latest Trends And Tips In Android Application Development
Whether it is booking the movie tickets, checking the latest on stocks or calculating your monthly expenses, your smartphone can do all these and so much more. Have you given a thought to how a device that was meant to only make and receive calls has become so indispensable in your life? The smartphone technology owes a lot to the apps it supports and mobile apps are changing the world as we know it. Here are some of the latest trends in the mobile app development, especially the development of android apps.
  1. Multi-channel App Development. Mobile devices have seen a great upsurge in usage but the time for multi-channel apps is here now. Any mobile app development company that aims to take its apps to the masses will have to include cloud based technology that is accessible from any device and can seamlessly integrate information irrespective of the device it is accessed from. An app that has the multi-platform and multi-channel advantage is definitely on its way to success.
  1. Greater Visual Appeal. Customer experience is the name of the game and nothing defines it better than a superlative visual appeal. With thousands of android app developments happening across the world simultaneously, only those apps that look and feel good and support greater visual features will have the advantage.
  1. Better User Experience. Mobile app development, including iPhone app development is out of its infancy and competition between apps for the attention of the users is heating up the space. Better user experience, with added analytics, will decide the success or failure of any new apps developed by any mobile app development company, irrespective of the industry the app is developed for.
  1. Mobile App Advertising. The ultimate aim of new android app development is enhanced revenue through in-app advertising. App development is now making a subtle but sure shift towards revenue generating models and in-app advertising is the key to it. Consumers will have to be nudged towards greater participation so that developers can earn through advertising.
  1. Messaging Apps Vs Social Networks. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are now in direct competition to social networks like Facebook and Google+. Mobile apps designed for free flow of communication will possibly soon overtake the social networks because of greater penetration of smartphones. The increasing demand for mobile apps is clear indication of this trend and businesses may view these as a faster way of gaining the dwindling customer attention.
  1. Location Based Wi-fi Apps. Wi-fi services can greatly augment the effectiveness of any app, as iPhone apps have shown us. Nearly every sector be it retail, technology or banking is going to benefit from this as location tracking can be of greater significance.
Constant analyses of the current trends and anticipating the needs of the mobile app users before the competitors become aware of them should be the focus of any mobileapp development company. Strong technological competency that allows the users to have a 360 degree experience will determine what works and what doesn’t. To know more about what a mobile app development company is doing, visit

Android Application Development Tips Which You Should Know

Android Application Development

Twistfuture Software Pvt Ltd is a mobile app development company which develops its expert services around the world. Our services incorporate Android application developmentiPhone application development and mobile games development. Our group of experts behaviors exploration and examination to meet your app development necessities. Android, is quickest developing mobile working framework created by Google and its imaginative and easy to use applications, made it prevalent among the advanced mobile phone clients. On the off chance that you need to be an Android application developer, you ought to know some tips which will be useful to make your application pick up its due consideration.


Adhere to Android design guidelines

For Android app development, Google has given an exhaustive arrangement of rules to take after. You, as a developer must take after those rules since it will help the clients to see how your application function however will likewise make their experience charming. The reason for giving an arrangement of guideline is to make the working of all the apps, comparable and to guarantee that Android applications together act as one.

Keep applications updated

Android application developers ought to know that Google convenient discharges, new upgrades to its current SDK. In this way the developers ought to consider new plan procedures and apply them in the development of their applications. Along these lines, to stay aggressive and pick up the energy about the clients, the engineer must execute new component and keep their application overhauled in accordance with the Android working framework.

Pay attention to your users

Android application development is not a one time work. In the event that your app has picked up prevalence among the clients, you should not kick back and appreciate, but rather you ought to be alert and dependably listen to your clients for any conceivable change. Clients love when the developer pay notice to their input and grumblings and are anxious to enhance the experience of utilizing the created application. The clients will keep utilizing your application in the event that they feel their information is important to you and the engineer made vital upgrades.

Be a part of Android community

Surprisingly, one finds that the Android application developer is not an android client himself. So with a specific end goal to submerge yourself completely in the Android working framework and increase knowledge of its working, you ought to be a dynamic piece of Android people group, for example, Google+, Android Developers, Android Studio and Android App Design. Additionally the developer must utilize the Android devices himself and ought to know about the continuous changes and overhauls which can help in the development of their app.

Limit advertisement placement

Despite the fact that as a developer it is your entitlement to gain cash, yet it should be possible by constraining ad situation and recurrence. Clients get irritated on the off chance that they are assaulted with commercial while utilizing a specific application and it can be a noteworthy turn off. Subsequently Android application developers can take an option course to win cash by utilizing as a part of application buys since client wouldn’t fret to paying for a decent application.

Android application development is generally speaking an imaginative ordeal which can pay you a decent arrangement of cash on the off chance that you succeed in building up an extraordinary and easy to understand application. These tips will help you in building up an Android application.

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The 4 Best Rules For A Perfect Mobile Application Development


Companies are these days not in hurry to have Mobile apps. The fever gives off an impression of being over. Applications continue travelling every which way, and just a couple of them get to be prevalent. Numerous Companies have got built apps for an occasion, promoting system, or business process, yet not every one of them are fruitful. So what isn’t right? Is it innovation that causes disappointment, or the way innovation has been embraced by portable application designers. Numerous Mobile application development specialists miss the 4 Golden Rules to create immaculate portable applications. Here they are:

Don’t ignore the life-cycle

Numerous Mobile Developer have a tendency to negligence the life-cycle of their items. It is not a fleeting craze. For some organizations, it can be a critical and lasting movement. They have to make an inward ability so that today’s mobility can be utilized as a part of the most ideal way.

Build app with Mobile Friendly Scenarios


Mobile is totally an  discontiguous Device. We can’t comparison it and a PC. Developers need to work with mobile friendly scenarios. All the moves ought to make least endeavors. Appl navigation is the main thing to be considered at this spot.

Make a Clear Business Goal

In what manner can a goalless item be productive? Same is the situation with mobile application development as well. On the off chance that you need a critical ascent in activity from your Mobile product, it must have a legitimate objective. The app should to help both your clients and organizations.


Make Metrics to Track Progress

You can Tracked Mobile Application through many different types of metrics.The best technique is to set business metrics for more leads, expanded, and so on. Different measurements, for example, number of download, social sharing, rehash use, audits can likewise be set.

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Android or iOS? – A Question Worth Your Pennies


Developing a new mobile application can be overwhelming enough as it is, let alone having to go through extensive market research to decide which platform to target. The truth is that Android and iOS are the two most popular operating systems out there and if you want to the sweet spot you should definitely target one of them. However, which one should you go for? Obviously, that’s the million dollar question, so let’s take a look at the most important things that you should be considering prior to making the designated choice. Being the reputable mobile app development company that we are, we are capable of providing you with truthful advice which is, above all else, accurate. If you are considering opting for Windows app developmentyou should be aware of the fact that the users of windows phones are dramatically less than those who use Android or iOS.

Development Specifications

iOS is fairly straightforward as one of the main standpoints of the operating system is user experience and getting it as simplified as possible. This leads to a variety of navigational limitations but when it comes to iPhone app development – the process is rather clear. There is a clear and concise framework that you can use in order to come up with the perfect solution.

When it comes to Android app developmentthe things are a little different. Right off the bat, Android runs on a lot more devices than iOS, and they all come with different specifications. The truth is that your application won’t be supported by every one of these devices as it’s simply impossible to consider all the combinations. However, this is also something that should give you a bit of food for thought as it opens your market quite a lot.

Market Overview

Both operating systems hold a significant market share. US-wise, Apple is a clear winner with about 60% of the market share, while android has around 32%. However, when it comes to worldwide distribution, Android blows the competition away, holding around 80% of the market share. In any case, as you can see, the market is fairly differentiated, and if you target the US, you might want to go with Apple. Of course, if you plan on worldwide distribution of your application Android might be the better idea. Keep in mind, though that larger market share also means more severe competition that you’d have to battle against. This is one of the factors that you should also take into thorough account. Our mobile app development company offers all the solutions, and we stand here offering a helping hand with your endeavors.

How to Create Android Apps for Beginners

android app for beginners

Android app development has proved to be highly profitable and a huge success amongst businesses. The vast number of android users in the developing as well as developed markets is the main reason that an android app receives a vast visibility and a high number of users. Today mobile apps have taken over web based solutions as more and more users are shifting to the quick and effective services and products a mobileapp delivers. If you own a business and are starting out on your mobile app journey, you probably have a lot of questions and doubts clouding your head. It is important to make the right first impression and develop an app after careful considerations of several aspects. If done right, it can instantly bring in a great number of users and profits.

Every day numerous apps enter the market; some make it big and some fizzle out without making the slightest impact. There are many factors that determine the success of a mobile app and it is important to take note and work on each of these factors. The very first thing you need for successful app development is a unique idea. It all starts with an idea and you cannot proceed further until a great idea has been formulated in your mind. To create an android app, you also need to understand the very basics of android and java programming. You will also need android specific software or SDK (Software Development Kit) and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to get started. Android Studio and Eclipse are great IDEs to start with!

Steps to create an Android App:

  1. You need to download an android studio from Google to get started. The IDE will give you the UI to enter the code. This will offer suggestions and highlight if anything is wrong. You can also run and test your completed creation via the android studio.
  2. You now need to set up your android studio. Launch android studio and the menu that opens will allow you to configure some options. Most of it will be handled on its own.
  3. Start a new android studio project. Enter the name you want and your company domain. It will be compiled as a file that can be uploaded on Google Play Store when completed and ready to be used. You can choose between phone, tablet or TV options. As a beginner it is best to stick to default options for minimum confusion and good results.


Your basic app is ready and you now have the option to make changes to the layout and options. This is the very basic that android Studio helps you create and you can make changes and explore the multiple options. If all this is too confusing and daunting, you always have the option to get in touch with an expert from a mobile app development companwho can help you achieve great results and turn your idea into reality!

Twistfuture-Have a Look at Top Mobile App Development Trends of 2017


The blasting ascent in smartphone prompts to a high surge in the quantity of mobile apps. Applications are the main impetus behind smartphones and furthermore tablets and this therefore have an enormous strength over the tech shopper base. Mobileapp development part is relied upon to grow up to $80 billion in income in the year 2017 and by the year 2020, it will surpass $100 billion in income. App development ventures is resolved to upgrade the computerized encounters for their profitable customers with the assistance of much propelled advancements.

Machine Learning Apps

This year machine learning may be expected that has the potential to alter the blueprint of the mobile app trade attributable to facilities like analyzing massive knowledge and predicting outcomes. What is more, it’ll additionally facilitate in rising client service with none human intervention. Corporations like Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft are paying plenty of attention on machine learning and AI and as a result of this, industries like retail, healthcare, finance and banking are going to be heavily counting on machine learning apps within the year 2017.

Streaming Apps

There is seen an immense move in the shopper conduct as a result of the ruin of blockbuster and there is a higher shot of conventional satellite TV to fall in this classification and therefore, expansive media houses are concentrating on online video spilling stages. Along these lines, gushing media gadgets will develop all things considered. Subsequently, the interest for applications that attention on gushing substance, also to the way YouTube and Netflix offer substance spilling on a portable stage.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are characterized as sites that look and feel like an apps. The best thing about such applications is that they are upheld by Google keeping in mind the end goal to bolster their web search tool calculation and it additionally offers the simplicity of the web with the client experience of an application in the meantime. Furthermore, the cost of creating dynamic web applications is exceptionally moderate. Such applications are must-have for ventures like media, excitement and online business and numerous more enterprises of a similar kind.

Deep Linking

The utilization of profound connecting will ascend in the year 2017 for both Android and iOS working devices. Mobile application advertisers will utilize will utilize profound connecting with the intention to create more powerful and also non-meddlesome promotions. This is considered as the more enhanced and also exceedingly customized push notice procedure for mobile applications.

Digital Transformation of Enterprises

Today, countless are understanding the significance of going computerized keeping in mind the end goal to remain in front of the opposition. Computerized change for undertakings has turned into an exceptionally significant calculate this advanced age. Both web-based social networking and additionally IoT are assuming an imperative part in changing the way undertakings associate with their clients and additionally workers for the change of client experience. Retailers are incorporating area based innovations because of which clients can shop anyplace and at whatever time. This is one of the greatest mobile application development patterns to pay special mind to in the year 2017.


Mobile app development industry is hinting at no backing off and soon, an ever increasing number of organizations will be seen making ideal use of mobile applications. On the off chance that you are the person who is anticipating develop your business with applications, don’t miss these astonishing mobile app development trends.


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Golden Rules of Android App Development

golden android app rule

These days, Mobile app development occupies the highest position within the priority list of each business. There’s a large crowd of consumers on mobile currently and most of them area intended followers of android apps. Therefore, it’s extremely crucial to develop and design a good android app to dominant your business. Smartphone users encapsulate a demographic of web shoppers and area unit usually considered early adopters of digital services. The simplest way to access this economical market is by obtaining a far better understanding of Android app development and aligns it with personalized goals of the company.

The first and foremost step is to own a transparent vision concerning the goals you wish to realize with the Android app. This helps in making the Android app development method smoother and more precise.

Selection of the right app development company is another important aspect. Android app Development Company specialized in mobile typically focuses on shipping associate future-proofed application that seems esthetically appealing on full spectrum of devices.

A creative series of open discussions between developers, designers and clients is crucial to avoid any form of potential hurdles and save valuable time.

New learning and expectations modification may be a part of application development process. A recognized Android app Development Companyin Delhi continuously tries to determine a free-flowing line of interaction to satisfy the expectation of their shoppers that helps in making an excellent mobile application.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Android Apps

Common Mistakes to Avoid when developing android app

Remembering these difficulties, if the Android application developers defeats every one of these oversights and builds up an application, it can give remarkable outcomes on Google play store. Try not to hurry to dispatch your application promptly as it may refute the reaction that you need from the customers.

Here are some big mistakes that I see many android app developers make.

  1. Building for multiple platforms at once
  2. Not using intent
  3. Not using fragments
  4. Not understanding Bitmaps
  5. Not thinking about monetization
  6. Straight away signups
  7. Sounds
  8. Complicity over password
  9. Feedbacks
  10. Not Including Analytics

     11.Mismanaging the Project

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Award Winning Android Application Development Company in Delhi

android development

If you have spent any time in Delhi, you may have experienced the power of sweetness and free thinking it has, the power of free thinking drives many of the entrepreneur in the city, and likewise attracted Twistfuture Software. Twistfuture Software is an award Winning AndroidApplication Development Company in Delhi.

We are team of people with extra ordinary mind who are constantly inquisitive of finding something new. Our team consist of developers, designer, and strategy planners. We have professional team and that is the reason other game and Android development companies comes to us for consulting. We welcome unique and great thoughts for web and android app user and converts them into product which will be known for its reality. We are in this field since 2008, and subsequently the time and circumstance has made us expert in doing our work impeccably. Look at our portfolio to become more acquainted with about a portion of the greatest brands we have worked till now.

What is Twist future?

Twistfuture is team of designers, developers and concept designing experts, who are known to be the developer of the app that gets featured on app stores and can definitely get ahead of all your competitor. Our team is well known for building high quality polished android app for both mobile and web platform.

We want to work with the youthful entrepreneur and startups companies to find something new, apart from our day by day routine. You can find our developers working round the check in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

The way to accomplishment in android application industry is to find innovative products and that is the reason we are specific about the task we need to go up against

The app we develop are from small scale enterprise to large scale companies. Design is the first and primary focus of us as it is the thing which can either increase your ROI and customer database or can destroy it. We always create beautiful design.

When you hand over the task to us, our expert team will enable you to improve your plan to by including flavors in it by utilizing their aptitude information in these field. We begin with detailed wireframe and blueprint of the app so we can work with our customer along the way. Our aim is to release it early, as getting user feedback plays important role in improvising and enhancing our app as per the needs. Our playful mindset helps us to go long way with our clients, and accept all the challenges that may arise in long journey.


So if you are searching for Android app development Company in Delhi, or looking for an agency who can turn your idea into game changing app, and our team is just right away to give you a fresh inspiration to every projects. For more info call us on 01141328844 or send us mail to

Which app development Platform Has Higher Security knots: iPhone or Android?


Which app development Platform Has Higher Security knots iPhone or AndroidTo your Wonder, none of the devices is completely safe. Security dangers lie in each stage yet one of the greatest pros of Android application development is that it is open source which makes it more helpless against the threats. Android and IOS both take the biggest cut of the cake in mobile OS. Most of the people are using mobile apps and offer some extremely private and secret details with them. Indeed, even business is heading towards big business applications for corporate upliftment which makes security needs considerably more fundamental. What turns out to be simple for the business is to concoct Android applications which make it more inclined to malware assault. Android being adjusted more by business and furthermore being open source anybody can peep into what Android precisely is. With regards to IOS, this thing is likely unrealistic. The time and people are so much advanced that regardless of whether the developer make a minor change in a running application and it can bring about security escape clause. Notwithstanding when you make changes in an messing app to make it outwardly engaging, however you have welcomed a security risk yourself which you won’t not be aware of everything of. Open source has this issue and you don’t go over it effectively till you enjoy into testing.


Presently with regards to IOS for iPhone application development, it is profoundly prohibitive stage keeping the situation is dire up. Well, one all the more thing about Apple, it doesn’t release its source code. All things considered, now you know who’s more prudent with security knots. Apple approaches both software and hardware which give them an additional advantage with regards to forcing security. Apple has rested a few limitations on the application and developer and you will dependably be under investigation. In the event that they feel there is any little probability of the security rupture, they will suddenly turn you off.


Android has scaled the step of accomplishment and pick up so much popularity in view of it being open-source and now the security emergency it is confronting is because of the same. 94% of the mobile operating system over the globe is caught by Androidand IOS. The overwhelming platform is Android which catches just about 73% of the aggregate market and created more than 1.8 million subscribers in 2016. Apple is expected to capture 21% of the total market whereas windows to be capture mere 4%.


One of the drawbacks with Android is that the most recent versions turning out has a little segment of the base and henceforth not all the device can get the upgrade when it turns out. Coming to OS, at whatever point any new overhaul of Apple turns out, each device gets it. There was total 18.4 million mobile malware that was detected. Some of the top mobile threats are:

Android.Malapp 39.2%
Android.MalDownloader 16.1%
Android.Opfake 5.2%
Android.HiddenAds 4.8%
Android.Premiumtext 4.1%


Where we talked about each one of those great things about IOS app and that they are less inclined to security rupture however yes they are additionally not by any means safe. One of the example where iPhone application Development Company didn’t tie the security knots satisfactorily and that brought about a malware assault. In 2016, Pegasus malware influenced the IOS devices. This was essentially a covert agent programming which can get into your iPhone and control your calls, messages, and mails.