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Today there are various companies you may find on the internet which provides mobile app development but some these provide both mobile app development and game development together. But your search may end up at Twistfuture Software because we provide Mobile app development as well as game development services with complete satisfaction.

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Nowadays, every entrepreneur, small, medium or large is keen to have their mobile app. They can interact with their audiences and hence bring wealth for their companies. Twistfuture Software is a renowned mobile app development company in Delhi. We use the latest technology to develop a mobile app.

With the increasing demand of mobile application in the market, there are many new companies developing a mobile application, so choosing the right app development company who give you best mobile application for your business is a tough task. Because there are many freelancers available that can outsource your app.

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We are cost –efficient Game Development Company that provides 2D/3D game development services worldwide. We provide games for different platforms such as Android, iPhone & Web. We have experienced graphics designer team as well as game developer team which have more than 5 Years of experience in gaming industry.

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Why Investing in a Mobile App is a Good Decision for Your Business

Why Investing in a Mobile App is a Good Decision for Your Business

Most people are visual learners, i.e., they are more likely to register information through visual mediums. Visual mediums have a direct and great impact on the mind. When we see something attractive we are automatically more interested to learn more about it. This simple and basic human instinct can be used to the advantage by mobile app developers. Designing a mobile app requires careful considerations and understanding of aesthetics. A mobile app development company can help you create a mobile app that has a unique design with the potential to instantly catch the users fancy!

The mobile app design is the very first thing a user notices. It’s like making a first impression on someone! A good design will urge the user to go further and explore more, whereas a dull design may make the user turn away even before they know what the app is all about! Yes, that’s how important a good design is, it can make or break the user experience within seconds! Making your app attractive and appealing are more of essentials rather than frivolous! When designing a mobile app several aspects and elements need to be considered. The most important thing to consider is to provide a clear and crisp appearance. Too much chaos and confusion not only disrupt the design factor but also lead to confusion. When designing a mobile app, the following points must be kept in mind:

  • Information

Your app design must be able to highlight the necessary information instead of hiding it. Whatever you want your users to know first must be projected in an easy to read and hard to miss the way. Too much or too little information and your user can be left confused!

  • Visual Appeal

The design of the logo must go hand in hand with the color scheme and logo of the brand. The colors and fonts all have a great impact on the learner and creates a visual impression of your brand. Relevant pictures, not too many, can also add to the appeal of your app.

  • Clear and Crisp

The navigation bar, status bar, content display, and toolbar must all be presented in a clear and crisp manner without overshadowing one another. The clearer the information, the better effect it has on the user.

Ask any add developer and they will be able to tell you the importance of design. Usability and user experience are extremely aspects of app development but they come second to design. Unless the design is absolutely stunning, a user will not proceed to check out what the app has in store! Thus your design must be able to project your USPs and your strengths. It’s a one-shot chance of urging a user to go ahead or go away! A great design is just the start, but a very important one that determines the success and rate of users for your mobile app. Make the perfect first impression!

Travel App Development Features You Can’t Miss


Travel App DevelopmentNowadays, everyone is carrying at least one piece of technology with them. Whether we’re talking about a smart watch, a smartphone or any other portable digital gadgets, people have them.

Basically, they are the tools that can give you real-time information on everything you need, any time you need. Or, by using a single click, you can book a travel or do so many things.

If you’re traveling to somewhere you’ve never been before, having a travel app can save hours of wandering the streets and trying to understand the directions the natives give you.

Likewise, you can book an online ticket to travel to another country, reserve a hotel room or even reserve a table at a restaurant.

Let’s just dive in the many travel app development features that you cannot miss!

  1. Pre-Arrange Travel Plans

This is something that you can’t do anywhere else but online, through an app. Traveling has become easy, quick and super convenient. What’s more, traveling apps can prevent any kind of problems which you come across while having the best moments of fun and entertainment. Travel apps provide a unique transparency, so you can have everything set and planned once you get to the destination.

  1. Connect People Around the World

One of the most unique features of travel apps is that it has the power to connect everyone from around the globe. It connects you with their customs, culture and values. This is a huge social community from which you have so much to learn such as language, traditions and many others. What’s even more, that geographical gap is filled in by joy, happiness and fun and the boundaries are broken, thus uniting people.

  1. Information in Real-Time

It goes without saying that the internet is a goldmine in terms of information. You can use that kind of information to open your traveling app and search for different restaurants nearby or cinemas nearby or literally anything else you’d want to do then! What’s more, they provide more accurate information about the local transportation means.

  1. All-in-one Solution

This whole travel app thing is very easy for the users to have fun, go on business work, being a traveling enthusiast or just going for the peace of your mind. It doesn’t matter, because you will have a great time meeting new people and befriending them! It will be a unique experience for you that you will never forget!

Since we are a mobile app development company, if you have an idea you can go ahead and contact us today so we can start developing your very own travel app that has an extremely high potential in terms of selling and fame. Travel apps can have millions of users online at all times, so the business is booming!

Contact us TODAY if you want to make an amazing project with us, breath some life into your project and make it famous overnight!

Why is Geolocation Good for Your Business

Why is Geolocation Good for Your Busi-ness

Did you know that 2010 has been announced to be “The year of location”? Yes, because the concept of geolocation was completely developed back in 2010. Everything that involves location and is online is called Geolocation.

Nowadays, the geolocation industry is sky-rocketing. It gives amazing advantages to businesses to get more clients and to become more interesting. A study has shown that businesses who use Geolocation have better sales and more loyal customers. What this concept lets the users do is: Geolocation lets users check in to a location and share it with their friends and receive some benefits for doing so.

Why your business needs geolocator

Web clients need exact data, product or service, and they need it fast. Sadly, with a great many sites to surf through and a similarly measure of mailbox messages to screen to get what is needed, valuable time is frequently lost by web clients. To reduce this stress, you can upgrade the excitement of web usage, and make some traffic to your application by starting to support a geolocation software. By seeing guests’ physical area, it is simple for businesses to look into the area to understand the particular products or services most required there and then tailor location-specific offerings instead of giving out a general advertising. If, for example, you see that traffic to your website is for the most part from India, Africa, and Latin America, it ends up plainly simpler for you to look into each of these regions and give the things that would typically excite web clients from those regions as opposed to sending out a similar product to the three regions. When people know they can get what they need from you, you not just procure their trust but they will help bring friends, acquaintances, and families in.

How geolocation software functions

A geolocator works much like a worldwide location system to pinpoint a client’s area. Domain Name System, Internet Protocol address, nation code, working system, and account profile are a portion of the information gave by the geolocation software to help decide a client’s physical area. The information gave is checked and examined to know guests’ area. Examinations may include matching IP addresses with account profiles or information from network access suppliers.

Clearly that this is the next famous technique in online business, the utilization of geolocation software to help deliver targeted marketing content, data, products/services and drive activity to your website. The innovation, which came into expanding use from the mid 2000s, will definitely revolutionalise internet marketing and businesses in this decade. Effectively, savvy businesses are keying into it to drive patronage.

So, if you have a business, regardless of what it is, whether we’re talking about a local bakery or fishing equipment selling, geolocation can be incredibly good for you and you can easily contact us today to make our plan of attack and how we can make the best application for your business.

Know The Latest Trends And Tips In Android Application Development

Know The Latest Trends And Tips In Android Application Development
Whether it is booking the movie tickets, checking the latest on stocks or calculating your monthly expenses, your smartphone can do all these and so much more. Have you given a thought to how a device that was meant to only make and receive calls has become so indispensable in your life? The smartphone technology owes a lot to the apps it supports and mobile apps are changing the world as we know it. Here are some of the latest trends in the mobile app development, especially the development of android apps.
  1. Multi-channel App Development. Mobile devices have seen a great upsurge in usage but the time for multi-channel apps is here now. Any mobile app development company that aims to take its apps to the masses will have to include cloud based technology that is accessible from any device and can seamlessly integrate information irrespective of the device it is accessed from. An app that has the multi-platform and multi-channel advantage is definitely on its way to success.
  1. Greater Visual Appeal. Customer experience is the name of the game and nothing defines it better than a superlative visual appeal. With thousands of android app developments happening across the world simultaneously, only those apps that look and feel good and support greater visual features will have the advantage.
  1. Better User Experience. Mobile app development, including iPhone app development is out of its infancy and competition between apps for the attention of the users is heating up the space. Better user experience, with added analytics, will decide the success or failure of any new apps developed by any mobile app development company, irrespective of the industry the app is developed for.
  1. Mobile App Advertising. The ultimate aim of new android app development is enhanced revenue through in-app advertising. App development is now making a subtle but sure shift towards revenue generating models and in-app advertising is the key to it. Consumers will have to be nudged towards greater participation so that developers can earn through advertising.
  1. Messaging Apps Vs Social Networks. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are now in direct competition to social networks like Facebook and Google+. Mobile apps designed for free flow of communication will possibly soon overtake the social networks because of greater penetration of smartphones. The increasing demand for mobile apps is clear indication of this trend and businesses may view these as a faster way of gaining the dwindling customer attention.
  1. Location Based Wi-fi Apps. Wi-fi services can greatly augment the effectiveness of any app, as iPhone apps have shown us. Nearly every sector be it retail, technology or banking is going to benefit from this as location tracking can be of greater significance.
Constant analyses of the current trends and anticipating the needs of the mobile app users before the competitors become aware of them should be the focus of any mobileapp development company. Strong technological competency that allows the users to have a 360 degree experience will determine what works and what doesn’t. To know more about what a mobile app development company is doing, visit

Trendy Revenue Models used by Android and iOS Mobile App Developers to Make Money

trendy revenue for android and ios

Revenue generated by mobile apps has been growing exponentially. Revenues from paid apps will be $195 billion while that from in-app purchases is forecasted to be $289 billion in 2017. Still, 54% of that revenue will be claimed by 2% of the apps. Choosing the right monetization channel is essential to be on top of this hierarchy. The right revenue model for an app depends on the user engagement, type of app and expense needed for marketing. Take a look at various revenue models used by Windows, Android and iOS mobile app developers to make money.

In-App Advertising

Selling ad space in the mobile app is one of the most common methods to generate revenue. This allows Windows, Android and iOS mobile app developers to offer free apps. The lack of cost barrier helps in acquiring larger user base which is targeted by advertisers. These free to download apps possess information regarding user location and behavior which is in great demand for marketers. Availability of such information and the willingness among advertisers to pay for it makes this model sustainable and popular among developers.

Even though free apps bring more users, ads can compromise user experience and design which can become a roadblock to scaling the app further. Also, this model doesn’t work with utility apps whose USP is user experience. However, targeted and limited in-app advertising can bring revenues without compromising on user experience.


In Freemium model, the Windows, Android and iOS apps offer free as well as paid features. Free features help in acquiring users and bring user engagement. Certain additional features cost money to be unlocked. The large user base allows more prospects of purchase of extra features. This combination of lead generation and sale conversion suits game, entertainment and productivity apps.

The developer should ensure that free features aren’t inferior and strike the right balance between free and paid features to reduce rejection rate and also to give adequate incentive to buy extra features.

Paid Windows, Android and iOS apps

Paid App model helps developers get upfront revenue. A paid app which can cost between $0.99 and $999.99 needs to convince its users that it is worth paying than using free substitutes. It can do so by selling its unique features and functionalities, that free apps cannot offer.

This model allows Windows, Android and iOS mobile app developers to bring more innovative features to the mobile app with cleaner interface for their users. The user base for such apps is small but more engaged than regular users. However, Paid apps have to endure stiff competition from their free alternatives and also forego part of their revenue to the app store.

In-App purchases

In this model, the Windows, Android and iOS apps act as a sales channel for either physical goods like clothes and accessories or virtual goods like mobile game currency or extra lives, which brings engagement from the users. When it comes to revenue, this model brings comfortable profit with less risk. It is especially suitable for e-commerce which can earn higher margin than their brick and mortar stores. It is to be noted though that app stores take a share from the revenue earned by selling virtual products.


This model is similar to freemium as it offers free predetermined content and offers paid subscription for premium content worth paying, often with free trial. This brings user loyalty and engagement, and continual revenue to the mobile app developers. This monetization model suits news, lifestyle and entertainment apps.

Partnership with Advertisers

In this model, advertisers reward Windows, Android and iOS apps users for certain in-app action and the app earns a small share of the redeemed reward. This ad-free model brings revenue as well as user engagement and satisfies mobile app developers, advertisers and users alike. This model is however relatively new and less tested.

All these revenue models are not mutually exclusive but can be used depending on the user segment the app targets. It is very common for freemium apps, for example, to use advertisements for the free version and offer paid ad-free versions of the app.


Twistfuture Software Pvt. Ltd. is a Mobileapp development company in India which specializes in Android App developmentiPhone App development, Windows App development, MobileGames development, Unity 3D development, Multiplayer Games development, Casino Games development, and more. Get the Windows, Android and iOS Mobile App from TwistFuture and monetize it using the revenue model that suits your app.

Why Every Business Needs a Mobile App

Why Every Business Needs a Mobile App
I think we can both agree on one thing: app development is NOT just for big brands. Honestly, if I was on the bus with people who thought that building an app was only for huge corporations and/or brands, I would get off as soon as I could.
What we need to understand is that this era of technology is constantly evolving. Hence, small businesses like the local bakery MUST have an app. You can definitely call this the need of the hour for businesses.
 If you go and do some quick Google searches, you will see that most businesses have already gone online and you will soon come to the question “Hey, this would look cooler in an app!”. You will probably also realize how important mobile apps are for any type of business.
There are various reasons as of why an app is beneficial for every business such as:
– It lets you connect with your customers, anywhere at any time.
– It improves your brand recognition even further.
– I can’t even emphasize how big the chances are that an app can bring loyal and daily customers to a business.
– Currently, not so many companies have a mobile app because they focus on things less important, so if you want to stand out NOW, make the big step.
Did you know that 67% of the people who own a smartphone in America are staying on the internet at all times? Where would it possibly be better for your company to make announcements?
What’s more, regardless of the type of your business, you can even go for games development, because it will attract even more customers, especially the youthful ones! As we are a professional mobile app development company, you can hire us TODAY and feel the benefits of having a mobile app almost instantly as your sales and the times someone has accessed your website sky-rocket! It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an android app development, an iPhone appdevelopment or a Windows app development as we have it all here.
More than 50% of the people in America have tens of mobile apps installed on their phone and half of them are for their own entertainment.
Now that we’ve seen how important a mobile app is for a business, no matter how old it is, how could someone possibly make an app? It’s a complex tapestry of smaller but more complex things. That’s why, here at, we can completely twist your future for the better and make your business become famous overnight. Remember that if you choose to make the big step for your business today and make an app, you will soon find out that your brand will stand-out and it will create a direct market channel with your clients and potential clients!

Top most Android Utility apps that can make your daily life simple and Easier

Top most Android Utility apps that can make your daily life simple and Easier

Today there are 929 million portable subscribers in India (as on June 2014), out of which 185 million i.e. 20% users Internet on their phones. Also, 40% of these mobile Internet users get to Internet through their Smart phones.

Every 9 out of 10 people today in India uses android. India is one of the top most countries across the world which uses mobile app according to statistics. Due to this more use of smart phones and turn application, it becomes indispensable for marketers to tap the application market in order to connect with their upgrading consumers.

Apps what truly transform a high end mobile device into a Smartphone. However there many thousands of apps and notwithstanding what quantity of memory space your device has, you mostly feel incommodious for more room to be ready to add another necessary utility app. Most of the people try and assess their priorities and keep or take away certain apps. In the process, it becomes quite difficult to actually assess what apps will truly make your life easy. To help you within the quest, we’ve compiled a listing of five Free Android utility apps which will assist you improve your work productivity and create your life lots easier.

1    App Lock

2    Tracko

3    Battery Booster

4    Wifi Booster

5    Compass

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Why People Uninstall Apps

Why People Uninstall Apps

Getting your idea developed into an app may be a struggle, but what is even harder is the user engagement. If you’ve already made a couple of apps, you’ll see that most user uninstall the app the same day they install it and you may be asking yourself “Why?”. Well, it’s hard to make users install and keep your app installed for as long as possible.

It’s hard for new-comers to make apps that satisfy the buyer. In fact, most apps don’t get any kind of attention because they are outranked by apps made by big companies who usually rank in Top Ten.

There are all sorts of reasons people uninstall applications and if they do, it doesn’t mean a bad thing and it doesn’t mean there is a problem with your application. Some of the uninstalls may also be due to the little storage they have, there are many different kinds of reasons.

However, generally speaking, the apps that don’t offer something unique, interesting or fun are usually the ones uninstalled first. If you’re a user, you’ll know that people who install apps scroll through all of them in order to find the one that suits their fits best as fast as possible.

Did you know that developers who listen to their clients are the best developers and will have the most success?

If you’re a developer, the question “How to reduce the uninstall rate?” may be haunting you. It’s such a difficult question that it might not be answered. Or?

There isn’t really an answer to rule them all, but rather a few different factors that usually make users uninstall applications, no matter what kind of apps they are.

– Many things to check/agree: If your application gives your users a lengthy form as soon as they install the app, then it is destined to fail. Try to keep it for when the user starts to show interest or completely remove it!

– Spamming for Ratings: Yet another horrible thing developers do which makes users uninstall the app as soon as possible. If you really want to ask for ratings, ask it once per week or don’t ask at all, let the people decide!

– Suspicious about the data collected: Many apps, once installed ask things like “(App) wants to access your contact list”, although it has virtually nothing to do with your contact list and it might make people suspicious about your application and make the uninstall it, so try to avoid that.

– Hard to Understand, Harder to Master: If the game is hard even for you (the developer) to understand, imagine the people who play it. This is the top reason as of why users uninstall apps. They are way to hard to understand! Try to make it as simple as possible and you might even have a chance to get to Top Ten!

These are the top four reasons people uninstall apps and although there may be several others, these are the ones that you should definitely consider while making your app.

Top rated Mobile App Design and Development Company Twistfuture Software .We Know How to Create App perfectly in Such A way that It gets featured in App Store. We are specialized in iPhoneand Android App Development.

Few Important Tips on How to Promote Your App


Few Important Tips on How to Promote Your AppTop leading mobile app development companies have developed many apps, that it currently takes a whole lot of ways to promote your app not like once apps were still few. Notwithstanding however sensible and useful your app is, people cannot use it if they are not aware of its existence. Most famous app development companies believe that launching an app while not promoting it’s like winking within the dark. No one is aware of what you’re doing.

There are many techniques that app developers use to promote their mobile apps. If you should adopt them so that you can also be among top mobile app development companies too. These techniques are given following:

  1. Optimize it for app stores and search engines
  2. Promote your mobile app on your website
  3. Create a YouTube video
  4. Be unique
  5. Advertise solutions not the app
  6. Attract users with irresistible offers
  7. Surprise the user of your apps always
  8. Submit your app to app review sites

Optimize it for app stores and search engines: There is most mobile app development companies destroy a lot of resources to optimize their apps for search engine and app store. It is very important for any company to the same

Promote your mobile app on your website: It isn’t sufficient to simply put an ad on your mobile app at the bottom of a page on your site. Indeed, even your customer won’t consider it important. You should design a specific page for your mobile application. Separate every one of its advantages your application has over your site and incorporate a suggestion to take action there.

Create a YouTube video:  Video notice faster than a picture and text they give more information. Most importantly, they settle longer on the mind of viewers. So it is a very good idea to develop a video demo of how your mobile app works.

Be unique: Unique apps are downloaded faster so every mobile app company should try and make app unique.

Advertise solutions not the app: No one uses an application for utilizing it. Everybody uses applications to accomplish something. In this way, you won’t pull in numerous clients if your advertisements are centered on the highlights of your application. Rather, center around what the application can do. For example, in publicizing WhatsApp delivery person, you will pull in more clients when you say “You would now be able to send records and different reports through WhatsApp than when you say “WhatsApp is presently as good as ever. More highlights and capacities have been included”.

Attract users with irresistible offers: nowadays people often like promotional offers.  So you can use that to attract them to your app. And if you should sell products then you can give discounts.

Surprise the user of your apps always: Keep giving the users of your apps surprises, for instance, you can regularly update without notifying the users.

Submit your app to app review sites: There are many users only download apps that have received a positive review. So you should submit your app to review if your app is great.