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Today, Mobile apps are used by many users or clients and a huge variety of installing are down-loadable every day, which have increased the required mobile app developers, because they fulfill the growing requirements of best mobile applications, in recent day.

Another hot issue in the world of mobile application development is the need to acquire all the social applications together with a bigger volume and variety. The mobile application market has abruptly detonated with exponential increment in the number of smartphones, tablets and other digital gadgets. The popularity of smart mobile phones is expanding a direct result of the highlights that can be included in downloading different applications.

There are many types of applications available on App Store and people visit app store for a variety of applications that are suitable for organizations, entertainment, and some other reason.

The major benefits of mobile applications are that an advanced application gives best user experience than a mobile website. Today, there are many organizations use mobile application for growing the business. We offer mobile application development service at a cost-effective price.

You must form an exceptional application that can fight with a large number of mobile applications that are now out in the market in the event that you truly try to prevail in this sort of business. If you are seriously making a profit out of your mobile application you need to learn some basics of mobile app development.

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5 iPhone App Development Tips to Groom Up Your Business

iphone app development twistfuture

In the world of today, nothing keeps people moving like mobile applications. Mobile is the fastest growing medium of any and all technology. If you are a business that is looking to fast track growth and garner that potential you hold on to, it is important to get involved in the mobile world.

This article will discuss 5 iPhone app development tips that will help your business get its foot in the door in the mobile market but also set you a part as a company that takes pride in development and what it can achieve. A mobile app development company is not just one that has to focus solely on android app development, iPhone app development, and Windows app development. You can have a wide range of different categories under your belt; what is important to remember is that a mobile app development company does not make you a great success. Be sure to understand what the market can do for you, utilize your android app development, iPhone app development, or Windows app development appropriately, and make the most out of it while the market is hot.

  1. Know The Purpose Of Your App – If you do not know what your app is for, how will anyone else? When developing your app, make sure you have a clear purpose in mind and make it obvious throughout the entire span of the app. There should be no guesswork involved in what you are trying to achieve.
  2. Know Your Target Market – Without knowing your target audience, you are doomed to fail. Be sure to perform studies and even poll to find out what your business can thrive in around your area and target that demographic. A mobile app is useless with no one around to use it.
  3. Keep It Simple – It is important to remember that in today’s world of instant gratification, no one wants to take time learning a new application that is complicated for little reason. Keep it simple, keep it easy to use, but make it stand out amongst others. The design should be user-friendly but powerful so that it makes it worthwhile to be used.
  4. Develop For Multiple Platforms – As mentioned earlier, it is important to remember for a variety of platforms. This means you do not have to single yourself out to just android app development but also iPhone app development and Windows app development as well.
  5. Make Your App Fast – The faster your app, the more people will be inclined to use it. No one wants a sluggish app that takes forever to go from one option to the next. Make sure to get with a mobile app development company to ensure your app has a fast download time, runs smoothly, and is not a hindrance to use.

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8 Effective Features of iPhone Platform for your Business Growth

Phone Platform for your Business Growth

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. As a matter of fact, the first iPhone introduced in 2007 was one of the pioneers in the world of smartphones. Ever since then, Apple is constantly investing in upgrades and updates of their most popular device which results in the introduction of new iPhone models every year. According to some statistics, Apple sold more than 700 million iPhone units till now. One of the reasons why this device is so popular is the unique iPhone platform – iOS. This platform is praised for many things, but it is especially interesting that many business owners were able to grow their business thanks to this platform. That’s why we will present the 8 effective features of iPhone platform for your business growth.

  1. Allows business owners to use a myriad of apps and tools

There are literally thousands of business apps in the Apple store. Many businesses use these tools and apps for business analytics, promotions, customer management and many other things. These tools found only on this platform help them manage their business operations smoothly.

  1. Improves brand image

If you want to boost your business growth, you should think about hiring a mobile app development company. Namely, iPhone app development is a huge hit among businesses of different sizes. If your business is present with an independent app, your brand image will be improved.

  1. Customer insights

The iPhone platform will also give you a chance to get precise customer data. Just use your app to collect this data and identify the groups of people that are showing interest in your products and services.

  1. Location tracking

iPhone platform allows the creation of business mobile apps with location tracking feature. This feature will allow the use of few methods of customer targeting. Business owners interested in boosting local marketing results will love this feature.

  1. Works both online and offline

iPhone platform is not just an online platform. It comes with great features offline too. In case you develop a mobile app that can work offline too you will witness better engagement from your users. In other words, with its help you will make your presence felt.

  1. Faster and flawless experience

According to many experts, iPhone platform is the best mobile platform out there. It gives the users faster and flawless experience and by using this platform your business will become more respected.

  1. Better security

Compared to other popular platforms like Android or Windows, iPhone platform is way more secure. Reports of security breaches by hackers are very rare when it comes to iPhone and by making your business presence more secure, you will make sure that the business growth is making progress steadily.

  1. Cheap app development

App development of iPhone platform is inexpensive and fast. The money and time you will save can be used for other business activities that will eventually lead to business growth.

3 Apps That Turn Your iPhone Into a Business Tool


You can live without your laptop, but not without your iPhone. iPhone has successfully replaced your laptop by giving you immense features to enjoy on your palm. Apart from taking care of your calls, camera, and gaming activities, iPhone app development is also able to handle your business work.

You can turn your iPhone into a business tool, if you install the below given apps in it.

1. Outlook

Outlook is there at your desk, it can also be there with same or some extra smart features in your iPhone. Being an iOS user, you can obtain the benefits of Outlook the same way you get from its desk version. Outlook helps you manage your inbox when you are far away from workplace. It lets you schedule meetings and reminds you for the same via notifications.

2. iWork

iWork is a parcel of five apps: Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iPhoto and iMovie. These apps are considered among the categories of productivity apps that help you perform better. Apple’s one more step for iOS users is iCloud. This app is compatible with Google Chrome, Internet explorer and other browsers. With Apple ID and password, you will get access to iCloud without any browser restriction.

3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a powerful video conferencing tool. You can trust this app to attend your meetings on the go. It allows up to 25 members to join the virtual meeting via iPhone. You can invite members to join you via its advance invitation system. Moreover, the app is enriched with features for virtual meeting members like speaker identifications, screen sharing, etc. Members can also share mouse and keyboard controls if they want to work online on projects.


Some other apps commonly used by iOS users especially for business purpose are Evernote, Dropbox, LinkedIn, etc. You must know about them or you must be using them. Adding the above mentioned apps with your existing one will decrease the burden of work and increase your efficiency towards core activities.

About Twistfuture

Twistfuture Software India is a smart mobile app development company – a best fit to your requirement list of app development. The company has attained a high reputation in tech marketplace because of its past track record and non-stop growth. Twistfuture is happy to pursue with your future app development and marketing plans.

Tips for Effective iPhone and Android App Development

Tips for Effective iPhone and Android App Development

More businesses today are seeking out a credible mobile app development company to assist them with their marketing and customer outreach programs. This is because there has been increasing favorable response to these branded mobile applications, with many surveys indicating that overall purchase intent and sentiment increase when the consumer users a brand’s app. Obviously, the best way of seeing these benefits and achieving your targeted results is to undertake proper android or iPhone app development. Here are a few tips to get you started.

First impression matters – A huge factor of enhancing engagement that is often overlooked by many inexperienced developers is the important first-use response. A well-designed app with tasteful placeholders, instructions, and other key features to assist people get started quickly makes an excellent first impression. Each element of the android, iPhone or mobile games developmentshould be carefully designed to ensure a first-time user will not have any problems using the app. Adding tutorials to your app is also a good practice that a good mobile app development company will likely recommend.

Integrate social networking into the app – Effective android and iPhone appdevelopment requires that parts of the content in the app be easily shareable on social media. This allows users to contribute and add their perspective to the mobile app, thus creating a kind of mobile community. In effect, the app becomes more interesting, and you are able to keep people coming back.

Push notifications are crucial – For effective engagement, push notifications must be included during android app development. These notifications can include video, text, pictures or even external links, which redirect to a special landing page depending on consumer segmentation. At Twist Future mobile app Development Company, we also advise clients use push notifications for reminding users to interact with their apps after a certain period of time.

Enhance real-time user experience – Take advantage of effective android appdevelopment to enhance user experience of your customers in real time. One idea that retailers can use is by enabling customers to get detailed information about the product once they scan the codes on the packaging or product labels. Moreover, you can also opt for product reviews and price comparisons in your iPhone app development as a way of providing more value to your clients.

Finally, Twist Future mobile app development company recommends offering your app users some real-world gifts and rewards, Think of a system where users earn points if they shop through your app are play your mobile games. Providing these real world gifts is a smart method that a business can use to enhance user engagement. These are only a few of the many ways to ensure your iPhone, android or mobile games development is successful. Check outwww.twistfuture.com for more information.

Feel free to drop on by, email us at info@twistfuture.com or call us on 011-41328844 today. Get started right away.

How to Create Best Mobile App to Make Money

best mobile app to make money
According to the latest statistics, people bought three times more mobile devices compared to computers and laptops. This trend is expected to continue in the next years too. So, it is not really a surprise that the mobile app market is growing so fast. Mobile apps have proven to be very profitable and this is the reason why hundreds of people from around the globe are looking for a way to create attractive mobile apps that will bring them money. Hiring a mobile app development company is certainly helpful, but before you do this you must take certain things into consideration. In this way, you will learn the basics of creating a profitable mobile app and ask the mobile app development company to follow your instructions.

To start with, you must consider the platform in which your app will work. We should point out that every OS requires specific elements, so investing in developing app that works on the most popular operating systems will cost you more. If you ask any developer they will tell you that you should invest in Android app development. This is quite logical because according to the latest surveys, more than 80% of users have Android-based devices. Of course, we should not forget that iOS app development is important too because last year they have witnessed an increase of 2.5% on the market. In the end, you should consider Windows app development too because the number of mobile device users with this OS is constant. It is best to ask the mobile app development company that you are interested in whether they provide discount or special deals if you want to develop an app that works on these three platforms.

Furthermore, you must focus on creation of mobile apps that can help users solve certain problems. It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about communication apps, apps that help users find information or apps used for other purposes, you must offer something that makes your app useful.
Of course, you must also take care of the design in order to make sure that the application is visually attractive and easy to use. A user-friendly design is a must. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are making this app with true professionals who have experience in this field.
You’ll be surprised to hear that USA is not the only market where mobile apps are profitable. That’s why it is a good idea to consider some smaller markets where you can present your app. Don’t forget that the number of downloads in most countries of Asia should be significantly higher than the number of download in the USA if you want to make the same profit.
Finally, remember that mobile apps can be free or paid. Free apps can be profitable too. You can use ads, allow in app purchases and many other things to make money from free apps.
Now that you know how to create best mobile app to make money, hire a mobile app development company to help you with this process.
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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Over the past years mobile apps have become an important part of any growing business. And not just the leading businesses, these days you’ll see even the small business you see have their own mobile app. If you are a growing company and want to develop more you need to have a mobile app. The world is getting more technological with every passing hour. Now-a-days smartphones have the biggest market usage. Every other person you’ll see will be jammed with his smartphone. In this world of technological advancement if your business does not have a mobile app you’re losing your place.

Here I’ll direct you to the 10 major reasons why your business should have a mobile app.

1. Availability towards Customers:
These days every other person has a smartphone, which means the world is at his fingertips. While the rest of the world is at his fingertips, you are not. Because an average person operates everything from his mobile and when you’re not accessible to him you’ll lose your customers.

2. Faster and Quicker Experience:
It has come into the attention that the mobile apps work faster than the websites. Both the Apple and Google application stores have least speed prerequisites to rundown versatile applications. This guarantees the clients get a much snappier and smoother experience that outcomes in driving more activity and higher engagement levels.

3. Be in your Customers Place:
Try to step into the shoes of your customers and keep a check on where they are. Today a huge number of customers are available on their smartphones. Mobile apps take up most of their time in a day. So why should you back down and not take advantage of this?

4. Create a Brand Image:
Brand image is an essential part of any business. Not having a mobile app will give your customers an idea that you’re not updating about the modern business ways which may create an unhealthy brand image.

5. Pace up with Innovations:
Since the modern day technology has given a boost to more innovations like smart watch etc. If today you don’t have a mobile app how are you going to keep up with the future innovations? You have to build your platform to keep up with the business race.

6. Stand Out:
Having a mobile app will help you stand out from your competition and make you more advance in technological areas. Be the first one to develop a mobile app before your competitors do and if they have already, it’s better late than never.

7. Customer Loyalty:
There are so many different advertisements that go through the customer’s eye throughout the day how will they remember yours? Creating a mobile app will provide your customers a chance to create loyalty towards your brand.

8. Promotion:
One of the best ways to promote your product is through a mobile app. Since your customers are always available on their smartphones, it give you a chance to promote your brand, anytime you want.

9. Online Services:
Giving your customers online services will make your brand stand out. You will be giving the customers more benefits than your competitors.

10. Customer Engagement:
The best thing that mobile apps create is customer engagement. It provides a channel where companies can directly engage with its customers by all means of profile data.

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3 Great Android Apps that iPhone does not Support

 iPhone Application Development Company in Delhi
Android and iOS are the most popular operating systems used on smartphones and tablets today. According to some statistics these two OS options hold almost 94% of the market. Of course, Android OS is more popular (almost three times more popular). One of the reasons why Android is so popular is the fact that Android app development is much simpler and easier and this is something that every mobile app development company can confirm. On the other hand, iOS or iPhone appdevelopment doesn’t leave so much freedom to developers to come up with new solutions. The same goes for Windows app development. So, the best Android apps that are available only to Android users are not available because developers don’t like iOS, Apple simply doesn’t allow them to express themselves in the way they want to. The Google Play Store is packed of fun, innovative, unique and engaging applications and there are some of them that are not available on iPhone. The following is a short list of 3 great Android apps that iPhone does not support.
AppLock Face and Voice Recognition or simply AppLock is a unique mobile application that lets users use their own voice and face for unlocking their device and gain access to apps that they have previously secured with this specific type of security. The application lets you choose the apps that you want to lock and unlock with the help of this technique. The authors of this original application knew that some people may use photos to fool the system, so they have designed a feature that asks users to move their face slowly before they are allowed to use the phone. Those who are interested in getting extra protection on their Android device can count on AppLock. It is good to point out that the app is free.
Tasker is a very handy automation application designed to help people customize different functions of their smartphone. This application comes with more than 200 built=in actions. So, every activity you make will trigger some automatic reaction on your phone that you have designated before. For instance, you can make custom actions depending on the time of the day, your current location, certain app etc. Even though this is not a free application its low price and great features have already attracted thousands of Android users.
We all know how popular cloud storage services have become. People usually have a few cloud drives which can make things a little bit complicated. Thanks to Unclouded, you will be able to handle all the cloud drives without leaving this app. In case you have storage space on a few cloud storage services, you won’t need to log in everywhere. Save the account information for your Google, Drive, Mega, OneDrive, Box and Dropbox services on Unclouded and you’ll get instant access on all of them.
Keep in mind that these are only some of the many great apps that Android users can download and use.
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5 Tips to Turn your Idea into a Mobile Application


Mobility has turned into another pattern in the Technology sector the mobile applications are likewise gradually changing the conditions and communications of work in business. Mobile applications have picked up fame as a result of their utility. Mobile applications are one of the greatest contributing components to the achievement of mobile phones.

Mobile applications have picked up the consideration of the clients and have turned into a potential achievement in a matter of moments. In any case, because of absence of imperative data and skill a large portion of the general population don’t know how to shape their thoughts into reality.

Here are the 5 Tips which will transform your thought into a mobile application:

  1. Create a component list

Start your thought by taking notes; you should to compose whatever strikes in your mind. In the event that you compose your thought on a paper that will help in order the thought and you will attempt to concentrate on it. This will help in disclosing it to your developers, co-founders or designers. In any case, before you impart your thought to them you ought to first give them a chance to consent to a nondisclosure arrangement and the rundown ought to be made in such a way, to the point that it ought to be straightforward.

  1. Research the business sector

When you are finished with the feature list, you ought to do a statistical surveying to recognize the most recent patterns and needs of the business sector. Ensure your thought is one of a kind and there is no similar app in the market. Regardless of the fact that there is a similar app then study it, read the review, check the feedback and see what else you can give to the clients. This will help you to comprehend the business sector better and have the capacity to construct an application according to the necessity of the market.

  1. Distinguish your gathering of people

Post doing the statistical surveying you will have the capacity to comprehend the potential clients. In any case, the most critical thing is to distinguish the clients who will utilize your apps, they will choose whether your application is successful or not


  1. Brand Idea

After you have developed the thought and finished with statistical surveying, now it’s the perfect time to set up a name and assemble a brand picture. You can approach proficient developers who could help you choose the name with their skills and knowledge in their field.

  1. Development

Numerous huge Companies have their own particular in-house developers to develop up their applications, while for the individuals who don’t have in-house developers can outsource their work to a reputed app development Company. Once the application is produced, you have to test the to the potential clients. Appear and clarify them how it functions.

Mobile application Development, if arranged out legitimately can give you the awesome wellspring of income for your business. On the off chance that you have a thought, don’t dither, transform your fantasies into reality and begin chipping away at it.


At Twistfuture Software, we have faith in nature of work and consumer loyalty, subsequently we offer an arrangement of adaptable evaluating models to our clients. Our customers have the full freedom to choose the best alternative according to their business prerequisites. Our famous technique and arranging group works nearby our reality class marking and computerized plan specialists which has made us top App Development Company. We develop excellent and attractive design, coordinated just by the instinctive and inventive UIs that those outlines depend on.

Latest Trends in iPhone Application Development

latest trends in iphone app

Like all facets of Information technology, mobile application development is going through tremendous changes. In last few years, m-commerce and virtual reality have grown exponentially. These would continue to grow and evolve in 2017. New devices (Wearable devices, Internet of Things), new technologies (cloud, augmented reality) and even new programming language (Swift) are changing the iOS ecosystem. Let’s catch up to the latest trends that iPhone app development will see this year.

1.      Swift Programming language

Swift is seen as the successor of Objective C. It works on open source compiler infrastructure which uses XCode tools. Termed as ‘Protocol Oriented Programming’language by Apple, it is concise and resilient to erroneous codes. The latest release Swift 3.0 has improved core language and standard library. Ease of use and navigation will make it preferable over Objective C to develop iOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps.

2.      Geolocation and Augmented reality

Geolocation is being increasingly integrated into sophisticated e-commerce and m-commerce iPhone app development to provide personalized services to customers and 2017 will see more developers using GPS or ibeacon with Augmented Reality to create new gaming landscape with 3D games becoming more common. Use of geo location in household appliances will see further growth this year.

3.      Internet of Things (IOT)

2016 saw a rise of 34% in IOT apps as per a study by Research and Markets and it is expected to only grow faster this year. Use of IOT technology was visible in wearable devices (like Apple watch), fitness, healthcare, retail and events. IOT will further enter homes as Apple’s Homekit will see widespread use in consumer appliances. Security of Information-flow between devices and signal recognition should see much improvement.

4.      Enterprise apps

Enterprise apps help businesses by streamlining business processes. These in-house apps provide effective task and data management and real-time customer engagement. Productivity concerns will see more enterprises wanting these iPhone app development solutions.

5.      Security

The proliferation of mobile devices and gadgets has increased vulnerability to cyber crimes. Privacy and security would remain in focus for developers as more people will spend money on security. Expect to see innovative and stronger encryption technologies. iOS9 and iOS10 already have better security features than their predecessors. Furthermore, App Transport Security (ATS) has been made mandatory for all iOS apps since January 2017 which will make iPhone apps more safe and trustable for users.

6. Cloud

Cloud technology helps reduce app size by fetching data from the cloud instead of device’s internal memory. Cloud Syncing allows apps to function across multiple gadgets and with Internet of Things (IOT), the technology will see more demand.

7.      M-Commerce

M-Commerce has already overtaken e-commerce, and this trend is expected to continue. 2017 will see m-commerce making use wearable devices, beacon and alternative payment systems like wallets like Apple pay, to give customers more personalized experiences.


iPhone is one of the most popular devices in the world and iPhone apps help you earn revenue by monetizing the large user base of Apple devices. Twistfuture Software Pvt. Ltd. is an iPhone appdevelopment company in India which specializes in providing iPhone apps as per your business needs and goals. We use latest trends in technology to offer up to date and quality apps for your business.