Why People Uninstall Apps

Why People Uninstall Apps

Getting your idea developed into an app may be a struggle, but what is even harder is the user engagement. If you’ve already made a couple of apps, you’ll see that most user uninstall the app the same day they install it and you may be asking yourself “Why?”. Well, it’s hard to make users install and keep your app installed for as long as possible.

It’s hard for new-comers to make apps that satisfy the buyer. In fact, most apps don’t get any kind of attention because they are outranked by apps made by big companies who usually rank in Top Ten.

There are all sorts of reasons people uninstall applications and if they do, it doesn’t mean a bad thing and it doesn’t mean there is a problem with your application. Some of the uninstalls may also be due to the little storage they have, there are many different kinds of reasons.

However, generally speaking, the apps that don’t offer something unique, interesting or fun are usually the ones uninstalled first. If you’re a user, you’ll know that people who install apps scroll through all of them in order to find the one that suits their fits best as fast as possible.

Did you know that developers who listen to their clients are the best developers and will have the most success?

If you’re a developer, the question “How to reduce the uninstall rate?” may be haunting you. It’s such a difficult question that it might not be answered. Or?

There isn’t really an answer to rule them all, but rather a few different factors that usually make users uninstall applications, no matter what kind of apps they are.

– Many things to check/agree: If your application gives your users a lengthy form as soon as they install the app, then it is destined to fail. Try to keep it for when the user starts to show interest or completely remove it!

– Spamming for Ratings: Yet another horrible thing developers do which makes users uninstall the app as soon as possible. If you really want to ask for ratings, ask it once per week or don’t ask at all, let the people decide!

– Suspicious about the data collected: Many apps, once installed ask things like “(App) wants to access your contact list”, although it has virtually nothing to do with your contact list and it might make people suspicious about your application and make the uninstall it, so try to avoid that.

– Hard to Understand, Harder to Master: If the game is hard even for you (the developer) to understand, imagine the people who play it. This is the top reason as of why users uninstall apps. They are way to hard to understand! Try to make it as simple as possible and you might even have a chance to get to Top Ten!

These are the top four reasons people uninstall apps and although there may be several others, these are the ones that you should definitely consider while making your app.

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