Maang Patta Game Development

Maang Patta or Single Card Poker is a popular multiplayer cards Casino Game also known as Card Roulette, which is played in many parts of the world for decades and is a very simple to learn and fun to play cards game. Play Maang Patta or Single Card Poker with your friends and family online or with other online players from world over.

How To Play

  • Maang Patta or Single Card Poker is a simple yet very interesting Casino card game. This game can be played with minimum 2 and maximum 5 players.
  • From a deck of card every player can select their choice of a single card.
  • Then the players will get chance to bet on their cards.
  • The round of betting will go on until a common bet is achieved by all the players or the maximum betting amount of the game is achieved.
  • After the round of betting is completed the dealer will start dealing the cards.
  • The player whose card comes first while dealing will win the hand.
  • Players can also use Game Boosters to increase their chance of winning.


Play 1 On 1 with online Players
4 Players
Play with Computer
Invite and Play with Friends
Create Private Table
Admin and Coins Management

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